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    Thread: What is trader?

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      A forex trader is someone who wants to make money from the forex market by learning how it works, there are different things that this person will do before he starts earning, but first he must ensure that he takes discipline to the highest level because if this is lacking, despite having a very good strategy, it will be hard to make his dreams come true at the end, trading forex is the hardest job in the world, a trader does not take anything for granted because he knows that there is danger in doing the wrong thing, when someone plans to trade, he is supposed to trained in the art of building his account from the scratch, to make trading easy, we usually recommend money management because it is the ultimate for profitability.

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      When we check the dictionary for the meaning of a trader, it defines a trader as a person who buys and sells goods, currency, or shares. So, in any market place, selling and buying is called a TRADE and the persons who do that are called TRADERS.

      It all starts with the desire to make money and on a good day, when there is enough courage to put the plan in motion, one becomes a trader. After that, the trader evolves continuously till he settles into one of the categories. It can be the Scalper or Day trader or the Swing trader or Position trader. After going through all these roles, he finally evolves into an investor, ready to invest for the long run, by force and not by choice. This how the the market supports your dream and moves you from a basic trader to a real wise investor.

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      A trader is seen as someone that purchase and that transfer goods or provide services in exchange for money financial implement such as stocks, bonds, commodities and mutual funds in the position in which one functions as agent, a market activity in which a security, currency or other tradable item is bought in one market and sold simultaneously in another in order to profit from price differences between the markets or one who is willing to take volatile risks upon invested principle for the potential of substantial returns. A trader’s engaged in trade as method or practice by which actions are to contribute by using their capital taking into consideration entering to leverage or investor’s funds that has been distribute according to a plan for them to use.

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      Imagine that you once smelled money. Big and fast. You realized that in our world of prudent and soulless capitalism there is a way to ensure a comfortable life without making physical efforts for this. But at some point life turned back and here you are again an ordinary specialist, busy, perhaps, not only with exhausting physical labor, but also with no less exhausting mental work.

      Yes, yes, anticipating the disgruntled cries of traders of a certain class, I will run ahead and say - trading does not require the application of enormous knowledge. And now in order.

      First of all, the trader is a speculator. In Soviet times, in our vast country, this profession was not only prohibited by law, but also universally deprecated. Nowadays, a trader speculates in the financial markets: foreign exchange, commodity, futures, stock market. Generally speaking, the trader speculates on the stock exchange. This is the man who is able to earn very good money with a few clicks of the computer keys. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin - doing the same thing (by pressing the keys) can go bankrupt.

      Trading is a very nervous job. Nervous to such an extent that premature gray hair is not such a rarity. So if you have a weak nervous system or a fine mental organization, then it is better to close this tab on your browser.
      Trader manages financial assets. Own or others. And until now, disputes over whose work psychologically is harder do not subside. Returning to the topic of thinking, it is worth mentioning that without one’s own vision of the market and one’s own trading decisions, tactics and formed strategies, a person cannot be called a trader. Developing your own ideas and solutions is not a small mental work, but this does not mean that all trading practice is based on constant moral tension. Spent manipulations with time are performed automatically, turning profit in a routine, and periodic losses - inevitable costs.
      Of course, trading is not without losses. The task of the speculator is to minimize losses. In this trading is similar to the classic business model.

      However, there are those who turn financial markets into slot machines. Such people called traders do not turn the language. These are those who use and, moreover, actively promote the notorious Martingale system, where in case of a losing bet, the next bet is doubled. The difference between such players and traders is precisely in the fact that the first ones place bets, while traders make deals.

      Total: answering the original question, we can say that the trader is both a profession, a vocation, and a lifestyle. Speculation in the financial markets is fascinating, monetary, and in our capitalist time is very prestigious. Anyone can become a trader. Literally everyone. All that is needed for the first step is just the presence of a computer and Internet access.

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      "Trader" in translation from English means simply "shopkeeper." Or a speculator. Anything Though, potatoes in the bazaar.
      If you apply this word with a combination of other words, then the meanings can be very different. fur trader - fur trader, slave trader - slaver, trader in horseflesh - horse trader, online trader - trader via the Internet, trader in an oil company - trader in an oil company, air trader - trader at a fair, fair trader, trader at flea market - a trader at a flea market, trader at brokerage firm - a trader at a brokerage firm, if you apply this phrase, it is already applicable to trading in the financial sector.
      As for such a profession as a "trader", in the Russian Federation in the Directory of professions of the Russian Federation. its link does not exist. There are also no “analyst”, “financial analyst” positions ... There are managers. And specialists in staffing. Well, and heads of departments.

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      Quote Originally Posted by alexthedefender04     
      Trader - who is this? Is it a profession, a vocation or a lifestyle?
      A trader is someone who involves in buying and selling of commodities, shares, stocks and so on in order to make profit.

      This is not to say that a trader does not make loss sometimes when trading. This brings us to the kind of traders I like to identify. The good trader and the bad trader.

      Good trader: a good trader is a professional who has adequate knowledge of trading and does not let his emotion take over his trade. He is not a greedy trader and does not trade outside of his plan.

      Bad trader: he is the direct opposite of a good trader, he does not have enough knowledge of trading which makes him less of a professional. He is greedy and would allow his emotions take over him when taking a trade, thus in turn results in loss and blows up his capital leaving him to regrets.

      Trading is a profession and should be treated professionally, without proper knowledge of trading, one should not venture into trading.

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      A trader can be categories into many different ways,
      As forex trading market is concern, a trader is the individual, hedge fund or financial organization that participate in the foreign exchange market, what do a trader trade on the forex market?
      A forex trader engage in the selling and buying of currency in the market..
      This can be either trading on behalf of an investor or trading by themselves.
      There are two type of forex trader which are long term and short term traders, a short term are the likes of the intra day traders while a long term traders are the trader the have long term objective on the market.

      So this are the people that is called a forex trader

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