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    Thread: Which currency pair is good for news trading?

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      Will work for pips
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      The best is EUR/USD, as they are both global currencies and there are a lot of news.News trading uses tools such as an economic news calendar and news feed, the first is a source of information on the ruture news release and second serves directly to track the result. As there are a lot of news, after each one is released it's quite simple to predict how quotes will change. An interesting feature of such strategy is that the news expectation release in itself affects the market situation, especially if it's previously known what the news will be.

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      I think the bast pair is EUR/USD and EUR/GBP. Both these pairs include world currencies and depend on news, especially USD and EUR. There are a lot of news about each currency each days and a lot of events that affect market. News trading is to open deals during the publication of important macroeconomic statistics and capitalize on the growing volatility and trend impulses that will form during this period. When trading USD, it is worth considering the level of unemployment, consumer prices, refinancing rate, GDP and CPI. And if you're new to trading, it's better choose USD or GBP.

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      More or less currency pairs having USD influence by the high impact news. Considering the fact major currency pairs are best for news trading. I have seen cross currency pairs are also affected by News. You can use currency correlation factor to find out the best pairs to trade during news. Generally news related to specific currency are highly volatile during news publish time.

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      Hem i think the Pair Eur and USD Will be get impact if the news come like NFP..Speak the US president and many more so ITS important to us have Good strategy and money management.

      Like have Stop-Loss with good money management..and you can trade with currency corelation to get profit.. trade with a Fundamental not Technical.. keep trade safe

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