Off course dear you afe 100% right. These are the main reasons for choosing Forex trading instead of other.
Here is some reasons why people choose insta forex. 1.
Forex is the best online business and we can make very good earnings by our trading in Forex more than any other business .
2- Forex trading not need big capital but with small capital as 500 or 1000 dollar or less we can start our trading in Forex .
3- when we start our trading in this business we always be the owner to this business without any boss on our head or any other one control on us .
4- We can trade in Forex from any where even if from our mobiles while our working on any other business .
5- We don't need more things as factory or any other thing else we need only internet connection and mobile or laptop .
6- We have leverage can make us trade with very big balance even if we have small balance and it is very good advantage in Forex trading .