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    Thread: What is the future of Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies?

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      Coded currencies by the end of 2017 caused a huge stir as the value of Betcquin rose more than twenty times in a few months. This sudden rise was also followed by a rapid fall in prices to below a quarter of its maximum value, causing losses to investors who thought prices would continue to double. The year 2018 was more cautious and cautious. The price fluctuations have gradually taken hold and currency prices have stabilized within limited ranges so far.
      In order to determine or predict the future of these currencies, one must take note of the most important trends expected for the digital currency market in 2019, the second year since that huge boom in 2017.
      Some analysts believe that the encrypted currency market will see several developments during the next year, which will have implications for the movement of the market and trading prices, and summarized as follows:

      1. Establishing Decentralized Exchanges:
      The current platforms keep the traders' currencies in their portfolios with the private keys of the traders and thus are vulnerable to the breach as happened to the Mt platform. Gox in 2011. Therefore, by the beginning of next year, the number of decentralized platforms will increase.

      2- Investment trend towards decentralized applications (dApp):
      With the stabilization of digital currency prices, the movement of funds will move towards the development of smart contract platforms such as Etherium, EOS and Cardano, improve performance efficiency and increase the speed of operations per second.

      3. Issuance of regulatory legislation and laws from official international bodies:
      Many international and official financial institutions, such as those in America, are looking at proposals to issue regulations that would allow for the recognition of digital currencies and allow them to be traded through the portfolio in a similar way to buy and trade shares.

      4. Development of valuation frameworks for the Valuation Model:
      The crypto market suffers from the prevailing impression that digital currencies, the most important of which are the Bitcoin, have no real value! This concept is reinforced by the lack of comprehensive assessment frameworks based on asset study, the impact of project quality, market movement and trading history.
      5- Increasing investment in security Tokens:
      The purchase, purchase and trading of Crypto is now linked to "Services", which is purchased for the purpose of benefiting from these services when the project is completed and called Utility Tokens. In the future, there will be another provision for security tokens, the same principle as saving accounts in banks.

      These developments for the coming year and study will create more awareness among traders and improve their vision in choosing their investments and putting their money, as well as positively reflect on making the digital currency market more mature.

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      What Can We Say About Bitcoin this cryptocurrency took everyone by surprise some years ago when it suddenly increased tremendously from a very small amount into something that made many people to suddenly start investing into it, bitcoin is not anyhow cryptocurrency, it is the mother of all other cryptocurrency, despite the challenge that it faced about two years ago, this cryptocurrency has began to rise again which means people did not give up on it.

      What Is Making People To Like Bitcoin

      1. It Is very profitable and viable : I guess many people have seen them profitability in this cryptocurrency and want to take advantage.

      2. It Has Some Security :when we invest in this bitcoin, we can be guaranteed that to someone extent our money is safe.

      3. It has been Recognised : Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that many people understand as hence they have understood how it works, this increase confidence in it.

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      Money form of money has changed from its past. Money transformed from precious metals to paper and then to plastic cards. Currency and money has become better versions of itself.
      Many people believe that current form of money is broken and needs upgrading. Credit card companies though have ease the exchange of money between merchant and customers. They use it control flow of money for merchants. They decide who and where can a customer spend their money. Therefore, instead of money as freedom, money has become tool of control and rules, because we must do whatever the Banks or credit card companies want us to do.

      I learned Bitcoin aims to break these shackles. Many people believe in this vision. There are people who are frustrated with the current economic machinery. There are people who believe that companies and governments exploit the people, due to high charges on one's credit cards. If Bitcoin’s development remained on course, it will be the first digital decentralised currency for internet generation.

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      Bit coin and crypto currency are the most popular payment gateway now a days. This is electronic media of the payment. There are huge trader and online businessman who are related to online work. They get their payment and deposit their money by this bit coin and crypto currency. I think the future of the bit coin and crypto currency will so much popular. We can directly transaction in this method by bank. From the all country we can transfer our money in this method in near future. Now all country are do not allow bit coin and crypto currency but in future all country will accept this and many people are interested to transfer their money in this way. In forex market started trading bit coin and crypto currency. Hope near future all broker will allowed this lite currency for trading.

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