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    Thread: Why Forex has more losers than winners?

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      People lose in Forex for many reasons. And some are these reasons are as follow:

      -Many novice traders just want to earn extra income in Forex. However, it was said that trading is a business and therefore it must be run on business principles.

      -Many amateur traders never open a demo account and practice the trading strategies.

      -Many beginners never develop a trading plan and keep a trading journal.

      -Many losers often use high leverage in Forex trading.

      -Losers never wait for the best entry point on a trade.

      -Losers never use the grid trading strategy.

      -Losers never review the trading journal and receive the trading experience.

      -Losers always say “it wasn’t my fault”
      Losers never learn how to trade Forex.

      These and many more are some of the reasons people fail in Forex.

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      Forex trading have more loser than winners because of the following factors:

      1. People are in a hurry to make profit. These factor most commonly in beginners, as they are too in a hurry to assert themselves as having know all after few gains made in demo practices.
      2. Most losers tend let's their emotions get a better hold of them after each loss. This makes them try to recoup their loss immediately, thereby create more rooms for more losses.
      3. Most loser have no trading plan/strategy which they follow. In some cases they do but either refuse to follow them or the strategy is not realistic.
      4. Most people want the easy way out and are very lazy to go through all the necessary steps to becoming a better trader.

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      Why there are more loosers than winners in forex market. Offcours looser is a trader that has gone out of the market as a result of losses while winner is a trader that keep making profit in the market. This is because loosing and making profit is an integral part of forex market. A lot of things are responsible for this which might not be exhausted under this discourse. Inadequate knowledge I.e analysis, time frame, market trend, patience, emotion (lack of discipline) and the rest that has caused catastrophic experiences for traders, some of which has gone outside the market. Secondly is the issue of hardworking and smartness. Some trader thought making money in forex is gambling and therefore, they pay less attention to the way to success about it such as information (news). This among the other reasons that responsible for it

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      Why loosers is more than winners in the Forex market. There are reasons for this which I cannot exhausted in this discussion. Firstly is the inadequate knowledge of many traders that pushes them to trade and loose continously. The areas of inadequate knowledge are market analysis, time frame, lot.size, entry, take profit and stop loss, emotion,and many more. Secondly is the issue hardwork and smartness. Many traders thought trading is gambling that they can just get something out of the market, and for this reason they pay less attention to the way to success. Lastly on this note is the lack of information (news) about economy of each country they desire to trade upon.

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      Basically in forex, you either win or lose. But unlike any other business like gambling, in forex you get to decide, control and choose for yourself what you want to happen to you. It means the ball is in your court and whether you lose or win is as a result of your own short comings or hard work as the case may be.

      There are series of reasons which can lead to ones loss in forex, a lot of people lose in forex because they took advise from the wrong people. They were promised about how good and rewarding forex can turn out to be without being told the opposite direction forex is capable of driving them and they eventually regret their decision to join forex in the first place and these are the set of people that see forex as a scam because they never win.

      Another one is failing to follow the laid down principles as to achieve success. In life, there are certain steps to take to climb up the ladder of success and if we fail to follow these steps, we might end up not getting these success and the same thing applies to forex. There are certain principles to follow such as learning, practice, hard work, trading and continuous learning to achieve success, a trader that fails to follow these principles will definitely be a failure trading forex.

      There are no two ways to winning in forex, you have to learn, practice and put in a lot of hard work to be among the winners.

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