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    Thread: Which one is better? A job with a monthly salary or our private business?

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      I think that private business is better than job. Private business is an indipendand business. But job is not indipendand. You must doing a job under a people. So you can not do any things in any time to your wise. So i think selfe employed is very good for life. So you can trade in forex market any time and can earn momey easily. But you need much experience at first.

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      Let's look at it from two angles. For short term gain, a job with monthly salary is better. Because you are certain that you will be paid at the end of the month and this will help you to meet your immediate needs. While for a private business owner, at the early stage the business may not be doing that well which will eventually affect your standard of living negatively.

      But for a long term gain, private business is better than a salary jobs. As a business owner, you decide what you earn by hard work. You have limitless possibilities for growth and expansion. You have the chance to become the Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates of the business world. But with a salary job, you can't! Your growth process is structured and restricted. You can't be bigger than your employer!

      In summary, running a private business is better because it gives you room for unrestricted expansion and growth which translates to more money in your account while in salary jobs, you have a limit to which you can grow.

      Check all over the world, the most richest people are not employees but employers!

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      I think I will go for monthly salary as doing business is not my kind of job. But Im doing trading as part time and earning some good amount still I dont build up my confidence to leave my job and start doing forex as full time. Thats the beauty of forex you can still do your part time business.

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      There is nothing bad in restaurant business. Majority of people would prefer to have a restaurant, since there is no limit in time. Your children can continue your hard work, which is not possible (less likely) comparing to trading. However, you have more risk in restaurant business + you need a lot of money to start. Equipment is also not cheap, especially if we're talking about good equipment www.ianboer.com.au. It really depends on the person tho..

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