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    Thread: EUR/USD (part 80)

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      Forex in the blood
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      At first, let us define what trend prevails today. My indicators show that it is upward. Therefore, my plans for today are upward. Obviously, a trend seldom reverses in a couple of days. It is a long time-consuming process. See the price chart and you can make sure of that. Sometimes, a reversal takes up to two or three months. So, let us just draw the conclusion. The H1 and H4 charts may help us to find the opportunities that we can come upon during this trading day while the zig-zag reversal is being formed.

      In short, the H1 and H4 charts have shown that the price needs to reach the level of 1.1225 in order to confirm a reversal. After that the price may pull back and then re-test the level of 1.1225. These levels are dynamic, they can be changed during the day.
      On the H4 chart, a reversal will be confirmed if the price reaches the level of 1.1290, then retreats to 1.1210, and gets back to 1.1290 after that.

      The described scenario is based on the technical indicators. As for fundamental factors such as the Fed monetary policy meeting, itís hard to say what to expect. Basically, Iím more interested in the technical analysis.

      Name:  3.PNG
Views: 1054
Size:  124.6 KB

      Intraday levels

      The target levels are 1.1242 on the upside and 1.1181 on the downside. Today these levels may help us understand what direction the pair will take after the Fed announcement.

      Name:  4.PNG
Views: 32
Size:  274.7 KB

      Yesterdayís signals

      Yesterday, the pair held steady in the anticipated range, there was no sharp movements to the upside and declines were short as well. So, my analysis proved to be correct. However, todayís trading is going to be highly volatile and unpredictable, so my technical indicators may provide false signals. Iíd rather be cautious today.

      Name:  5.PNG
Views: 26
Size:  246.0 KB

      Intraday trading. The target lies at 1.1165. The downward scenario will become invalid once the price breaks 1.1220.

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      My pips hand is weak
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      crazyprofit is just really nice crazyprofit is just really nice crazyprofit is just really nice crazyprofit is just really nice crazyprofit's Avatar
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      Hi everyone! The good thing about clusters is that they clearly display whatís going on. The first volume is the one of June contracts. The second volume is the one for September contracts. So, these are different figures. The first print was about 70,000. For the euro, it is a serious signal for the market entry which has to be prompt. However, traders showed no response. They breached the sell scheme. On the other hand, they did not allow buyers to dominate in the market because contracts expired. Yesterday, the market eventually saw high liquidity for September contracts. It looks like starting with a clean slate. The most contracts come at the first stage. The second stage for buying is usually below the first one. Sell positions are usually opened above the first one. Anyway, such positions could be a bit lower. Everything could happen in the market.

      Name:  6.PNG
Views: 591
Size:  110.9 KB

      Letís consider a daily overview of contracts. The core of yesterdayís contracts was 1268-1280 (1188-1200 on Forex). The market evidently saw a buzz in the zone of buyers who used to be sellers. So, the current trading zone is dubious. In the short term, I expect further selling in the convenient zone. Interestingly, both sellers and buyers are in balance. The turnover is slightly over 240,000 per day. The market promises to be interesting.

      Name:  8.PNG
Views: 19
Size:  60.4 KB

      By the way, gold is trading in a similar way in the daily time frame. For the euro, I spotted the same on a 1-hour time frame. In case of active selling, EUR/USD is going to slump. Meanwhile, Iím poised to think that buyers are setting the tone in the market.
      Last edited by crazyprofit; Today at 12:25 PM.

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      My pips hand is weak
      I am:
      FxTaylor is a glorious beacon of light FxTaylor is a glorious beacon of light FxTaylor is a glorious beacon of light FxTaylor is a glorious beacon of light FxTaylor is a glorious beacon of light FxTaylor is a glorious beacon of light FxTaylor's Avatar
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      Yesterday was a good day. Unlike Monday, Tuesday brought a significant turnover and the first aggressive buyers.
      Why first? Because we can see the next wave of buyers if the pair repeats the trick of yesterday. We just need to go 15-20 pips lower.
      The Fedís meeting scheduled for today is a good reason to add some volume and then jump to the upside.

      Name:  9.PNG
Views: 646
Size:  161.8 KB

      So, this is my plan for today:
      1. Despite my uptrend mood, I expect the price to renew its low as major buy deals should be placed there. The first clear attempt happened yesterday. However, it is hard to complete everything at once, so the second try is coming.
      2. After the pair touches a new low at 1.1180 (not necessary, but very likely), an uptrend will be confirmed only by hitting 1.1247.
      3. I will enter the market to buy once an uptrend is confirmed at H1. Meaning, when the pair touches 1.1247, I will place buy deals during the retreat. The support level will be at 1.1190+-.

      Besides, clusters enable traders to see clearly what happens at every point of movement Ė the volumes, the delta, and the current market direction.
      These three factors help me to make my short-term plans.
      However, I still pay attention to little things like not very significant accumulation of volumes, while I should only look at the most aggressive ones which really have power. The rest is just noise.

      Name:  10.PNG
Views: 19
Size:  121.2 KB

      So, it seems like the pair is about to rise, but the market remains still.
      I think it happens due to two reasons:
      - the volume is not large enough yet;
      - investors are waiting for the Fedís meeting.

      So, letís see. Iím up to uptrend but have some thoughts about a downtrend as well. Therefore, I should be careful and avoid looking at the chart too often not to make a mistake.

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      MT5 Rookie
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      waqas qaisrani2 is an unknown quantity at this point waqas qaisrani2's Avatar
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      By completely searching the market i guess that the most suitable chance of the market will moving start down side so i suggested that you should choose the option of sell for trading .
      Iys my guesd so trader's should be trade in his own risk

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