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Hello Traders!

We play with Smartmoney concepts, that means that we look mostly on PA to determine what will happen in future.
As we all know, price is moved by BIG players: Banks, Institutional traders, HFT bots (we call them all of them SM).
They can't play as we do, cause of a HUGE lot sizes, so cause of that they need to SELL to BUY and BUY to SELL for positioning them self in the best possible spot.Attachment 139955
I will say that this pair will go more down side because this pair broke all the support levels and just travelled to the new support level. As we can see in the picture this pair is at the bottom of the chart but this does not mean that this pair will go upward now. If you select the chart in H4 or D1 then you will see that this pair might be at the top of the chart since years. So I will request that make your trade analysis in at least H4 time frame. Thanks