Dollar trading fell as the US Treasury yields continued to decline, as moderate wage growth supported the Fed's decision to qualify for higher interest rates this year.

At the same time, US Treasury yields fell for two years to 2.33%, 10-year Treasury yields fell to 2.50%, and 30-year Treasuries fell to 2.912%.

Investors are following closely the resumption of trade negotiations between the United States and China, completing their talks, which ended last week as they sought a comprehensive trade agreement as soon as possible.

US factory orders are expected later in the day on expectations of a 0.5% drop.

Dollar Trading
††The dollar index fell 0.21% to 97.19 points at 2:10 pm CET.
†The euro was up 0.24% at 1.124
†The greenback was down 0.24% against the yen and the greenback was trading at 111.4.
The British Pound was higher against the Dollar at 0.11%, with GBP / USD trading at $ 1.305.