For some years, drones have gained a significant presence in our lives and there are more and more audiovisual projects that use this innovative technology to film any type of videographic document. In the next post we will make a brief review of the keys and the importance for companies to create a corporate video with the help of drones.

The value of the corporate image

When a certain company sets in motion the realization of a corporate video, it must know the image it wants to transmit to the outside world. The use of drones will provide the company with an innovative and renewed cover letter that the potential client will take into consideration in the first contact with that company.

Trusting drones to enhance the value of the company and differentiate it from the rest is the best starting point to change the direction of a company that wants to turn 180 degrees in its dissemination and communication strategy. The execution of a good video is the best possible welcome card to create new business and valuable contacts.

The use of the drone as a powerful brand image

The goal of any corporate video is to offer a professional, friendly and responsible face to the company. In certain occasions, the characteristics of the company make insufficient the video prototype that we are used to seeing and it is necessary to go a step further. The use of drones will cause a very significant impact on the public, which will draw attention to the careful and innovative presentation that is used in the video.

Companies that occupy large areas are clearly conducive to choosing drones as an effective communication weapon. In this case, the breadth of the terrain allows a lot of play to this innovative technology, offering a broad overview of the facilities and covering the main spaces of the company in a more exhaustive way.
While it is necessary to offer a first aerial image covering the entire business complex, it is not minor to capture the essence and the more specific details that make each company unique.

Take care of the details when working with drones

For the use of drones in a corporate video to be a real success and capture the attention of the public, you have to control different factors, and among these are the three that we consider most essential:

Duration: depending on the size of the company, the video may vary in a few seconds, but it is not recommended that it exceed one and a half minutes. Although these are spectacular images, the most important information that we want to show publicly must be concentrated. An excessively long video can be counterproductive and there is a risk of boring the viewer or potential client.

Audio: is an aspect that should be taken care of especially, trying to preserve the good image of the company with a relaxing melody that is consistent with the values ​​that the company wants to transmit in this corporate video.
Speed ​​of the flight: we must be very careful when directing the drone, avoiding sudden turns and movements that make the video lose quality and cause a bad image of the outside.

From post production studios in Dubai, specialists in the realization of promotional and corporate videos with drones , we recommend companies to make use of this new technology, which is increasingly implemented in the developed world and where a multitude of possibilities are offered so that the client to get the most out of your business.