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    Thread: Alita Battel Angel 2019

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      Default Alita Battel Angel 2019

      Guys Alita Battel Angel is already releassed in 2019 and read positive reviews on net. Any comments from you guys, how did you find this movie?

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      I liked this movie very much with amazing scientific story of Alita cyborg overall movie was excellent and was based on many many years future and an Iron city.

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      They have done a beautiful job with Alita Battle Angel. Directed by James Cameron, who is one of the biggest filmmakers of all time, who has directed lot of record breaking movies like Terminator, Avatar, and so on. Alita Angel also keeps up with his records and manages to portray the advanced futuristic world very nicely, along with battles and romance and mystery.

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      I am not a big fan of Alita, and some parts of the movie really seemed quite childish to me while some parts were more adult like. It is a good movie overall, and you can expect to see a good story. The Earth, being ruined by interplanetary war, and after a long time, Dr. Dyson, a scientist finds a shattered female cyborg with human brain, he gives new body to the cyborg and that cyborg is 'Alita'.

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      What makes Alita a hugely successful movie, I believe is because it shows adventure and development from knowing nothing about oneself to gradually unveiling the mystery. Meeting friends, getting more powerful (the installation into the Berserker body which Alita finds), battles, etc. It is somewhat similar to Avatar in the sense that the cyborg's brains could be transferred to other cyborg bodies.
      Overall, I recommend this if you like sci-fi and a good story.

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