1. Global banks: Banks around the world are the biggest and most important traders in the Forex market. They make thousands of day-to-day transactions, alternating between them or with brokers or ordinary investors, through their permanent representatives in the field. You will find that the big impact in the market comes from the movements of major international banks, where their daily deals billions of dollars.

2 - Central banks: Central banks in the Forex market to conduct transactions commissioned by their governments, is moving to influence the currency of its own, according to the interest of the financial policy pursued by the state to protect the interests of the state economic.

3 - Investment funds: They are investment institutions or insurance companies or pension funds, intervening in their own interest to make a profit from the Forex market

4 - Forex Trading Clients: Their mission in the Forex market is to permanently link buyers and sellers. That is, they act as mediators between different banks, or between banks and ordinary investors. In exchange for this they collect a commission for this work.

5 - Independent people: We are any ordinary people who conduct daily huge currency exchange between the currencies in order to profit and secure an additional source of income or basic to them.