Straight to the point, here is a brief outline of the major issues we can help you resolve:
• Failure to initialize the license properties
• Corruption of company files, which causes it not to open
• Failure to convert the Accountant’s Copy transfer file into the Accountant’s copy
• Failure of QuickBooks to log into the database associated with the targeted company file
• Internal database errors
• Configuration issues for the computer in which the company QuickBooks is located
• Nonstandard video settings which come as a result of backup and restoration of QuickBooks to a new system
• Damaged files in the course of backup, restore, mail merge, or export processes
• Non-responsive server

This list is certainly not complete – the number of issues you can get solved by QuickBooks Support is numerous. You can refer to a list for a comprehensive and detailed outline of all the issues we can help you solve.

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