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Hi friend
Can we get 100$ bonus in just one week .what should i do to get maximum bonus.
Mt5 forum is best trading forum in the world i want to learn about forex trading.
Hello my dear friend I hope you're doing well in making bonus. The answer is yes and you can make $100 bonus and more but you have to make quality content like when you're replying to a thread then you should reply a relative comment and if you're making a thread then make sure that the thread you're making is relative to Forex and Forum and also is helpful to others. The quality post and threads make a attention of many members. As many likes, thanks and replies you get in a thread the more rating of your thread will be up and you'll get much bonus depending upon the quality of your post. There is no system of knowing how much bonus you'll get from that post/thread only forum moderator and admin can told you.