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    Thread: how we can be professional trader with using bonus trading account ?

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      Forex in the blood
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      Its does not mean either trading with real money or bonus money what it us very important in forex is consistency and how we can sustain our capital whether you use bonus account or real money what I'd most important is the knowledge and experience that you have is what that matter most if you don't have knowledge and experience the real money will be blow out

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      FX Vampire
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      Hamza1886 is a glorious beacon of light Hamza1886 is a glorious beacon of light Hamza1886 is a glorious beacon of light Hamza1886 is a glorious beacon of light Hamza1886 is a glorious beacon of light Hamza1886's Avatar
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      Dear sir you not good profit so get your profit using bonus account and send.it is very reliable business for those who make good.if anyone want to be a professional we must need a standard real.we use on our personal account.our eyes and open the way which leads us towards.we create post and threads for increasing.

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      MT5 Rookie
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      Dear members as well you know that mt 5 forum.is the best for learning forex and we make monthly bonus and we shude trade on it .but bonus is very low and not for best trade.we should that bonus which get from forum and trading which profit we withdraw from forum trading account .shold be use in real account than we have become a good professional trade as well as well soon.

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