This phenomenon is a very wide one. Corruption on one hand means anything in place that was not meant to be in the actual sense. Legal on the other hand means something that has the law that governs a place backing it. Legalized corruption to me means something supposed to be bad that has legal backing. At this point, I think I agree with you that to curb corruption, you have to make some legal. Take for example the United States, things keep going on fine and good for them and everyone wants to ask if they face no problem at all. Definitely the US will have some level of corruption they fight but they have been able to bring it down to the minimum bearable level because they have decided to make some legal. Once something supposed to be bad is legalized in a certain place, then anyone who does that particular thing in that place has not committed any crime and the place as a whole will be seen as a place free of corrupt practices because you can only say something is bad when the law does not support it, but when the law does, it is termed legal to do. The porn industry in the US is big and very legal, people indulge in his a lot and so this reduces the number of prostitutes in the US as people prefer to venture into the industry rather than be petty prostitutes. In other countries, the porn industry is not in line with their laws and as a result people delve into prostitution secretly because they don't want to be caught by officials. In his regard, weighing the US and the other country, one would say the US is not corrupt while the other country is corrupt whereas, both participated in the same act. I come to a conclusion that sometimes it is better to make something right and safe the country from being termed corrupt rather than make it illegal and still have to run helter skelter to put things in place.