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    Thread: Euro Genius - Daily prediction contest by MT5 forum

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      Default Euro Genius - Daily prediction contest by MT5 forum

      Hi guys! In previous MT5 Forum searched for Forex gurus, trading experts, perfect shooters and now we are searching for Euro Genius - who can predict the daily closing of EUR/USD accurately.

      This is a simple contest. You have to guess the last two digits of the closing price of EUR/USD. Undoubtedly EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair and we give high value to those who knows the pulse of this pair and can predict accurately where EUR/USD will reach at the end of the trading day. Our sponsor Instaforex also has a prize for the winner of everyday. Show your prediction skill now. But don't be lazy, entries are limited. You have the accurate prediction but someone predicted it before you? Don't let it happen. We don't allow two members to predict same number in this contest!

      We hope you will like this cool contest. We have good wishes for everyone!

      Contest Rules

      1. Any registered user of MT5 forum can become the contest participant.

      2. The period of each round running 24 hours: from 00.00 to 00:00 (GMT+3). This contest will held 5 times a week, from Monday to Friday.

      3. It is necessary to have minimum 30 post activity in last 30 days to participate in this contest. For example, if you want to participate in the round of 28 April 2012, you need to have at least 30 posts which are made between 29 March to 27th April.

      4. The participant have to guess a number between 0 and 99. This guess should be posted in following topic: MT5 EURO Genius Contest

      5. A participant is allowed to make only one guess for a round. No post editing is allowed once the guesses are made. In case someone edited his post after guessing, he won't be considered as a winner. A participant is not allowed to make a guess which another participant has already guessed for that round. For example, if a members guess is 9, you can't post 9 for that round. Otherwise, your entry will be considered as disqualified.

      6. Since the maximum possible entries are limited to 100, the maximum participants are also limited to 100. So, don't be too late to participate!

      7. The prize reward of each round is $10. The prize is accrued to the winner's trading account with InstaForex Company which is attached to his profile on the forum. The money cannot be withdrawn from the account, however, the profit earned from the prize is allowed for withdrawal.

      8. Winners will be determined by the last two digit of the closing price of euro/usd of that day at InstaForex-Singapore.com trading server.

      For example, if the closing prize of euro/usd is 1.xx45 of a day in Instaforex Terminal, then winner will be the member whom guess was 45 for the round held in that day.

      9. Winners will be announced on the same topic MT5 EURO Genius Contest.

      10. Please do not consider any abuse. In case of any abuse, the member will be disqualified from the contest forever, his MT5 account may be banned and it is possible that his all bonus will be forfeited from the attached instaforex account. Don't let it happen to you!

      11. The last guess for every round should be made 2 hours before the market close i.e at 22:00(GMT+2). Any guesses made after that will not be considered and will be deleted straight away.

      12. The forum administration reserves the right to close the contest at any moment.

      13. If a winner doesn't have his account attached before he participated in the contest he will not get his prize even if he is announced as the winner for that round!

      What will happen if less than 100 participants through their predictions and no one can make the accurate guess?

      Good for you! The next step prize fund is getting bigger by $10.

      We wish you a success and winnings!
      Last edited by PhantomTrader79; 08-28-2017 at 11:35 AM. Reason: updating contest status.


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