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    Thread: What is Enterprise Value (EV)?

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      Enterprise value explains the market value of a business. It is an economic related measurement that helps to arrive at certain value which is the worth of a business in the financial market. One can also use the acronym EV to represent enterprise value. The enterprise value is also referred to as firm value. A lot of things regarding a business has to be considered before one can come up with the business enterprise value. A business with a good enterprise value gives a positive attitude to investors and make attractive the business portfolio. Enterprise value is closely related to market capitalization, but the enterprise value is a more detailed value of a business. After all both future and present subtraction and addition have been done and all financial record balanced, the value which the business holds is the enterprise value. It should be noted that the enterprise value of a business is subject to change at any point in time.

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      "Enterprise value" just as the term suggest, will be said to be the estimated worth of a company, business, organization, enterprise, if I, as an investor wants to buy up the business. The enterprise value in essence, is a type of valuation system. In case you don't understand the above explanations, the formula in calculating Enterprise value will give you more clarification.

      Enterprise Value = Market capitalization + Total debt - Cash.

      With this said, Equity value will be describe the estimated worth of the company that belongs to its owners (shareholders) after debt. The formula for calculating it is :

      Equity value = enterprise value – total debt + cash.

      The difference the enterprise and equity value is that the enterprise value measures total assets, while equity value measure shareholders interest in the business.

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      Enterprise value(EV) is an indicator of how the market attributes value to a form as a whole. Enterprise value is a term coined by analysis to discuss the aggrye value of a company as an enterprise rather than just focusing on its current market capitalization.
      The market cap figure measures how much you need to fork out to buy an entire public company. When sizing up a company, investors get a better picture of the real value with enterprise value, compared to market cap.

      Enterprise value calculation

      Simply put EV is the sum of a company's market cap and it's net debt. To compute the EV, total debt both short and long term is added to a company's market cap, then cash equivalents are subtracted.
      Market capitalization is the share price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. So, if a company has 10 million shares, each currenty selling for $25, the. Market capitalization is $250 million. This number tells you what you would have to pay to buy every share of the company. Therefore, rather than telling you the companys value, market cap simple represents the company's price tag.

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