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    Thread: The importance of the Multiple Time frame use in trading!!!!

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      Default The importance of the Multiple Time frame use in trading!!!!

      yes i do agree with you friend that. selecting time frame is the best way of trading for getting the best trading result. i think that a trader should use the D1 time frame for long time trading and for short time the other lower time. D1 is the best time for me because i am long time trader. it seems to me that it gives me the right decision.

      yes this is correct that time frame selecting is the great strategy for all. because by it a trader can get the single of when he should induce into trading and when he/she will out.

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      In forex trading, we have multiple timeframe that gives the traders opportunity to view the market from different angles. The reason why we have different time frames is for a traderís method of trading because we have different types of traders or let me say different types of trading methods which are; scalpers; day traders; swing traders; and position traders.
      Furthermore, we have different time frames which starts from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours then to daily candle, weekly candle and monthly candle.
      The method you trade will determine the timeframe at which you will use. For instance, if you are a scalper, you have to be trading on a smaller time frame like 1 minute to like 30 minutes, and if you are a day trader you trade on 1 hour and 4 hours timeframe, if you are a swing trader you start your analysis from the daily candle and if you are a position trader, you trade on weekly and monthly candlesticks.

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      When we talk about time frame on forex trading platform, we talk about chart and we have different charts on forex trading platform such as 1minute,,5 mint ,15 mint, 30 mint,1hr,4hr, daily ,weekly and monthly chart.each of these are very important ,it depend on each trader how they make use of any of the time frame.To me higher time frame are more reliable dependable than lower time frame however each of these are very useful they compliment one another, As a trader need every time frame for best analysis, trader should not over look any time frame, Frorex trading shouldn't have be easy at all if there is no charts or time frame

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