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GOLD on the H4 time frame!
Dear members GOLD on the H4 time frame is also showing the bullish sign but i am with sell from 1568..
Well i am still hopeful that the GOLD will get down after retesting the level of 1577.
Hello my dear my God should give more analysis to each other, I think it has stopped at 1583 and when the market opens tomorrow, I think it will be at about 1550. And when it comes to 1550, we should open it at the bottom, if we open the bottom pair, then we will definitely succeed in it and still be able to achieve it.

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GOLD on the H1 time frame chart!
Dear members! The GOLD on the H1 chart is giving very critical situation, because it has been closed the candle to the above level of fibbo, its meant that the GOLD is going up, if this candle closed down then the GOLD will be in sell.
Hello dear friend, if you want to get more analyzers about Karat Gold, then you should share yourself with yourself and others so that others can also share with you and now you can get a lot more analysis

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