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    Thread: Manahil Fatima Trading Journal

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      Quote Originally Posted by Manahil Fatima     
      USD/CAD is currently trading at the 1.33 line. This line has proven quite resilient, as the pair has tested it since mid-November but has been unable to sustain a breakout and move deeper into 1.33 territory. On the upside, 1.3330 is the next resistance line, followed by 1.3385.
      A closer look at the chart shows that the recent i trade is confined to a symmetrical triangle pattern which we believe will help push the price to continue the uptrend and the pair needs to breach 1.3305 to get a positive incentive to support the rally towards 1.3380 areas in the coming period.
      Therefore, we will continue to favor the bullishness over intraday and short term, provided that stability is above 1.3240 with i noting that SMA 50 and Stochastic are providing positive signs that support the expected rise.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Financial     
      This time Canadian Dollar showing only strength against United State dollar so I am not looking any type of buying opportunities at the current situation of USD CAD market. It will be better for us to just for the market direction which is best idea for everyone to hold it for longer target. There are many investors who really confused about the current situation of the market because it moving air strike zigzag in other currency pairs find it is the most stable currency at the current situation by fundamentally and Technically.
      Good evening traders,
      I hope you will be fine and have good time with your family. doing good work .I am agree with your assessment about Usdcad . you are right only Canadian dollar stands against us dollar. other currencies also moves up and down. market moves zigzag and the traders are confused about there trade. I wish every trader of this forum have good profits.
      wish you all the very best.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Manahil Fatima     
      EUR/GBP is showing stronger movement this week, but the pair remains range-bound. The 0.8560 line, which has remained relevant since mid-November, is an immediate resistance line. Above, we find resistance at 0.8590. This is followed by the 200-EMA line, which is at 0.8638. This is followed by resistance at the round number of 0.8700. On the downside, 0.8520 is under strong pressure. This line is protecting the major support level of 0.8500.
      Good greetings members.
      Yes , you are correctin that case EURGBP is showing its strong position. in this week. We find resistance at 0.8590. this week is going to close and after the weekend we see where the market moves. I think it's not going down. Trade in this is and earns good profit. last day of the trade we will buy and start of the working day we see the selling point. have a good day.

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