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    Post F.A.Q. | InstaForex EU

    General questions

    How much will I earn if I start trading on Forex with minimum deposit?

    It totally depends on your experience, knowledge and skills. Forex trading is very risky, and you should assume that risk and evaluate your level of professionalism.

    What do support and resistance levels mean?

    Support level is a level lower than the current rate, where the upward turn is possible from.

    Resistance level is a level above the current rate, which the downward turn is possible from.

    What is trailing stop?

    When you set a trailing stop order (at X pips), the platform does nothing until your trade brings profit in amount of X pips (rate of your trailing stop). Then the platform sets stop loss order X pips far from the current price (in our case it is the break-even point). If the market price goes up, the stop loss level also moves up proportionally. If the market price goes down, the stop loss level remains. This means that the trailing stop loss follows the current price at a distance of X pips. In this way, a trader limits the possible loss but does not limit the profit profit. Therefore, a trailing stop is a stop loss control algorithm: "it follows the price to profit". Attention! Trailing stop works only when your trading platform is connected to the server through the Internet.

    What does profit figure or price movement figure mean?

    Profit figure is 100 pips profit. Price movement figure is 100 pips movement. Round numbers are referred to figures as well. For example: "EURUSD passes over the seventeenth figure" means that the rate exceeded the 1.1700 level.

    What are the stock exchange working hours?

    Trading session opens at 22:00 (GMT+00) on Sunday and closes at 22:00 (GMT+00) on Friday.

    Financial questions

    Does the company charge any fees for depositing money to your account?

    The company does not charge any fees for depositing money to your trading account. However fees may be applicable by payment systems, which are charged to the client. In order to improve trading conditions InstaForex compensates all deposit fees for its clients.

    What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    Information on minimum withdrawal amount can be found in Cost and Charges (

    What is the minimum deposit amount?

    Information on minimum deposit amount can be found in Cost and Charges (

    What measures should I take in case I lost some information and became unable to use the same details for withdrawal as for deposit?

    In order to change the details within one payment system you should fill in the F1 form and send the scanned copy of your ID to

    Trading terms

    Why does InstaForex use 10000 lot instead of standard 100000 one?

    A non-standard 10000 lot makes the pip price equal $0.01 in a 0.01 lot trade, the minimum. It allows the $5,000-$10,000 trading account holders to control their risks effectively. At the same time, the 10,000 lot size makes the calculations of a pip price convenient:

    0.01 InstaForex lot deal = $0.01 pip price
    0.1 InstaForex lot deal = $0.1 pip price
    1 InstaForex lot deal = $1 pip price
    10 InstaForex lot deal = $10 pip price
    100 InstaForex lot deal = $100 pip price
    1000 InstaForex lot deal = $1000 pip price
    Easy calculations and possibility to combine three levels of Forex trading in one trading account makes InstaForex lot an undeniable advantage of InstaForex trading conditions.

    Why can't I see all symbols in the Market Watch window?

    The number of symbols you see is set up in your platform settings. In order to extend the quotes list, please right click on the Market Watch window and select "Show all symbols".

    Do you increase spread during the news releases?

    InstaForex never increases spread during the news releases. Every trader can be confident that trading terms will remain steady even during the news events.

    May I use expert advisors? Are there any restrictions?

    There are no restrictions on the use of advisors.

    Is it possible that a trader owes money to the company?

    No, it is impossible. If a trader loses more than he has in a trading account, the company must cover the loss to 0.

    Is there any difference between demo and live trading?

    There are no differences in trading conditions and trading instruments. Trading on demo account is identical to live trading, except unavailability of deposit and withdrawal options for demo accounts.

    What is the minimum deposit amount?

    Information on minimum deposit amount can be found in Cost and Charges

    Why do EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF currency pairs have floating spread?

    Variable spread is a common tool used by the largest international brokers. It is applied for a number of trading instruments, including EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF. Spread is the broker`s reward for a transaction, determined by the market conditions in which the company operates. Due to the increased spreads of counterparties and low volatility, spread was moved to a variable state. The information on all instruments for which a variable spread is used is available on the page of specifications.

    I forgot trader password or PIN code (or I want to change my trader password or PIN code). What should I do?

    Trader password can be changed in Client Cabinet or in the settings of MetaTrader platform.

    You can also change the trader password by applying to the Customer Support Service with the following information: account number, phone password and a new trader password (Latin letters, from 6 to 12 symbols).

    If you have forgotten or lost the phone password, please contact the Customer Support Service by e-mail, attach a scanned copy of your ID/driver license and describe the situation providing the account number. Your phone password will be recovered or changed at your discretion.

    For PIN code recovery/change, it is necessary to send an email to with the following information: trading account number, new PIN code (figures or figures and letters) and a scanned copy of your ID/driver license attached.

    May I open several trading accounts in one name?

    Yes, you may. There are no restrictions on the number of live and demo accounts opened in one name.

    Is it true that I can trade only 8 lots maximum in MetaTrader?

    No, you can type in any number of lots (up to 10000).'

    Questions about account verification

    Where can I verify my account?

    You can verify your account in Client Cabinet -> Profile.

    How long does it take to verify an account?

    Account verification can take up to 72 working hours.

    What documents are required for account verification?

    The list of the documents accepted for verification are available at Account verification ( page.

    What is the minimum/maximum size of a scanned document copy is accepted for verification?

    The scanned document must be of high quality so that all information can be clearly seen and readable. However, the maximum size of the file should not exceed 10 MB.

    An error occurred when I was trying to upload the document, what shall I do?

    If you get an error message and your document fails to be uploaded, please send detailed information about the error to, specify the number of your account and attach the screenshots of the error page. You can also try to verify your account using another Internet browser.
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