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Hello dear friend how are you doing today and how the tradings are going on. I hope you all are fine and making good posts and also making good trades in forex and earning good profits.
I was make analysis on oil that the prices of the oil will goes down but a trader tell me that you are making analysis because you had make a trade of sell. On yesterday market was goes down. Still I am making analysis that oil prices will goes more down from here. Oil has no power to break the level of 60.00 if it touches 60.00 or near about then it will be quickly rejected by the resistance and prices will goes at 52.00.
Attempts to push the resistance level, on the part of the buyer, were unsuccessful and the price was returned to bargain in the lateral range. The lower limit of the flat is also not criminal, so we will get a position for further breakthroughs along the main trends. The focus of this asset remains upward, and so far the seller has not been able to deal with something serious with buyers to take the initiative in their hands and go down, bulls take advantage of this to push prices up further. Possible price movement options for today can be analyzed in detail on the H1 order OILUSD chart. The price can go further into growth as long as the resistance level is broken at 59.51. Once prices can pass this mark, it won't be bad to wait for confirmation in the form of setting prices above the level and then further up. With an active position on the part of the seller on this turn, we will go down to the support level, which is around 58.55. When it is broken, prices will not remain anything further south to the next border. Today, purchase transactions are a priority, because the direction is general north. I think it's worth entering into an agreement after breaking through the resistance level, and if they retreat, then from the lower border. Good trading and more cabbage for preservation!