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    Thread: GBP / JPY

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      My charts talk to me!
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      great british pound has slightly jump up after downward side during today market activities, which have already touch 142.465 before reverse to bullish , is but now currently at 143.401 the tendency is that is going to reach the shoulder or a little beyond before reverse back to bearish market.

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      My pips hand is weak
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      indicators shows market trend is sell.
      sup and res also giving down signals.
      last 5 hours chart shows market was gone up but now market is going down.
      i suggest you to trade with sell trend.

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      Trading is a very difficult task which requires a lot of knowledge to do. If we learn to license the market well appreciated then we will be able to trade well Whether it is GB or JPY Before trading on it, the thing is that you never go to the market or message, it is never in the same condition.

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      FX Zombie
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      Though in the long run the gbpjpy looks very bullish but considering the last four hour candle of the last four hour which is a pin par bearish reversal candle we will need to pause for a little while on any bullish move and focus now a little bit on the down side we can sell and set our stop loss at 144.49 take profit at 142.62. break of 142.62 will signal further testing of 141.65. how ever on the up side break of 144.49 will see the renewal of the bullish market and market will be heading to 148.22 in the long run. See chart bellow.
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      GBP/JPY Weekly Price Forecast – British Pound Breaks 200 Week EMA
      The British pound rallied against during the trading week to break above the 200 week EMA against the Japanese yen. This is a be decidedly “risk on” move, but there is a lot of noise above that will continue to make this messy.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Fahmy0     
      GBP / JPY

             The pair continued to form mixed sideways trading due to the continuation of the contradiction of the main indicators during the recent period, currently and with the stability of trading above the initial support located at 139.40, we expect the bullish rally to try to pressure the stable barrier at 141.50 and exceed it may extend towards 142.60 during the coming period.

        We continue to note that attempting to break the price of the initial support will confirm the postponement of the bullish attack and start forming bearish corrective trades to force it to incur some losses by attracting it towards 138.80 and 137.60.

        Expected trading range for today is between 139.40 and 141.50
      Now a days the value of Japanese currency is decreasing day by day and the value of pound is increasing so if anyone wants to do trading on gbpjpy currency pair then they can buy it it will give them good profit but it is not trading recommendations everyone should do his own trading this planning

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