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    Thread: scalper-machine can earn 14% per day

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      Where am I?
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      Thumbs up scalper-machine can earn 14% per day

      How can I make 14% in 24 hours?

      - Itís very simple, but you need to take into account that you have to record tick fluctuations for 2 days (this is the minimum), and then run the tick fluctuations you recorded in a special program (in the trading processor - an analog of COMMAND.COM), and only then trade.
      And now the Master and Slave are launched in the same trading terminal, but only on two identical tabs of the same instrument (for example, USDCAD opens in two tabs - on the one the Wizard is launched, which records ticks and sends signals to the Slave, which is launched in another the same tab and which trades and resolves difficult trading situations).

      In general, if you do not understand everything (and this is a fact), then read the instructions first:
      You can also read about variables and their specifications:
      Advisor Type: scalper (not Martin)
      Supported currency pairs: all (especially profitable: EURUSD, USDCAD)
      Timeframes: any
      Minimum deposit: 1500 (the tester needs to say that you only have: 1200 - the remaining 300 are needed for swaps and for drawdowns)
      Leverage: from 200 and above
      Recommended broker and type of account: any
      Description of the strategy: Sniper in automatic implementation (everything that you thought about at a subconscious level, but were afraid to ask)
      Backtests: demo account only (profit: 15% in 24 hours, starting deposit was: 100,000)
      Features: emulation of the activation of the orange bar and the closing of orders on Stop Out
      Disadvantages: there is no emulation of accrual of swaps, therefore, it is recommended that the tester indicate 10-15% less deposit than is actually present on the trading account
      Monitoring: none (demo accounts do not last long, and especially such as TickMill, etc.)

      or in simple words: this is the same TRACER_GR.ex4, but only modified and devoid of errors. This adviser (we are talking about Receiver_SN.ex4 (/ ex5) earned at the time of checking the systemís performance on a demo account: 18% per day from a deposit of 100,000, but you need to take into account the details: in fact, it was 15% per day, and the rest 3% I had to wait a whole week until the robot Receiver_SN closes drawdown (unprofitable) profit orders) - but if you did not wait a week, it would have turned out 13% per day due to the closure of all orders to achieve a profitable situation.

      FULL VERSION OF ROBOT (link from 02.25.2020 will live 15 days):
      when the link stops opening, then on this forum all this is:
      Screen of the project:

      For purchase contact: LUCIFERNILSEN "dog" y a h o o "dot" c o m (subject line: "DEMO" or "REAL")

      in general, if you have a demo account, then it will be registered for you for free, but it will only be necessary to send the data indicated below to the mail (see above):
      1. platform type: MT4 or MT5
      2. account number
      3. investor password
      4. broker website
      5. The server that you select in the Meta Trader at the time of connection to your account.

      r o b o f o r e x. r u
      r o b o f o r e x. d e m o 1

      - indicate all these things in the letter and you will receive a registered version of the robot RECEIVER_SN.mq4 (/ mq5) in your account
      Note: to register a real account, it will be necessary to indicate only paragraphs 1 and 2 in the letter.

      - What is the advantage of such a job?
      - The advantage is that the tester can be launched on weekends to create clean-up files for trading that will begin on Monday

      - What else could be in terms of failures and mistakes?
      - There is one error that we could not find in the source code of the tester: - this is "Zero Divide"

      - And how to live now?
      - This error pops up so rarely that it is possible to live and make a profit (do not agree to bonuses only).

      - What if this error still pops up?
      - Restart the tester - it will no longer appear!

      P.S .: always trade through your home server

      Distribution of the Internet to other computers (instructions for everyone).
      Reason: it is not possible to register on the broker's website or on the forum because of one computer with a modem (all attacks will come to this computer specifically), but if you use the server-PC scheme, the situation looks more reliable.

      If you want the Internet to be everywhere - in the house (i.e. in several rooms - in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the closet, in the refrigerator, in the doghouse, in the hall, etc.), as well as if you want to create Internet cafe, you donít need to bother much, because aliens prompted me a simple solution to the problem: this is VISTA 64 (this is the distribution server) + WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64 (these are clients). There is even a solution how to remotely access all computers within the same network (this is TeamViewer 5th version).

      What do you need:
      1. Computers (at least 2 pcs.);
      2. A network wire with compression of the ends according to the principle of PC-HUB (Switch) - this is if there are more than 2 computers, otherwise compression according to the principle of PC-PC;
      3. The cheapest and the worst ADSL modem (I have a DSL-200, though I modified it - I glued the heatsink with a hot glue to a small square hot chip, directly soldered the USB cable (it is now soldered directly to the modem board and has a braided shield that is soldered) to the case - read below), put the board in places in the cellophane and in the noise-canceling case from the old LG-Studioworks monitor - I removed this case directly from the beam gun - the size just fit) - it is also recommended to send air from any cooler to the modem ;
      4. Operating systems with keys / or with crackers: WINDOWS VISTA 64 and WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64;
      5. The program for remote use of another PC on the TeamViewer network of the 5th version with a key or with a crack;
      6. If there are more than two computers, you have to buy a Hub (Switch) - determine the number of ports yourself from the number of your computers and also see that this Switch turns out to be high-speed (ie 1 Gbit per second) or as the common people say "gigabit switch (hub) ";
      7. Internet access of ADSL level or higher.
      8. Network wire and network pliers with connectors (find the sequence of wires during crimping on the Internet yourself).
      That's all you need in your work. I just donít understand those people who rave about all kinds of nonsense like: VPS, VPN, etc. - they just seem to need money urgently to throw somewhere!

      And now for the case:
      1. We put VISTA 64 on one of the computers (it will distribute the Internet);
      2. We put WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64 on other computers (ie those that will consume the Internet);
      3. If you want to remotely control your computers, then you need to install TeamViewer 5th version on them later, register a remote access password and check the box "start with WINDOWS";
      4. For VISTA 64, download and install modem drivers;
      5. For VISTA 64, create a new connection using ADSL technology;
      6. For VISTA 64 go to the "Control Panel", then go to the "Network and Sharing Center", then in "Manage network connections" right-click on the Internet connection you just created and select "Properties" from the list , then reply to the message from the WINDOWS defender by clicking the "Continue" button - in the connection properties switch to the "Access" tab (usually the last tab) and check the box "Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this computer" and click "OK" . - Then, before your eyes, a new connection will be created, which will be named like: "Local Area Connection 2 unidentified network" - the job is done!
      7. Now, if you connect several computers over the network, and while in the WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE system, access the Internet site through the browser, the site will be opened on this computer (without any IP addresses, etc.).

      Or, in other words, while in WINDOWS 7 you can use the Internet through the network, provided that the server (WINDOWS VISTA) is connected to it through your modem.

      By the way: I also wanted to say that using the Internet based on a remote server helps to register on some sites because the server itself is often attacked by hackers, etc. bastards (i.e., directly on a computer with a modem, you would not be able to do this).

      Example: I couldnít register at the Roboforex broker site - the site was constantly freezing, but through the remote use of another computer that the Internet accesses through the network, I was able to do everything calmly (I used TeamViewer version 5, which allows you to remotely connect to the computer without any there).

      P.S .: if your traffic leaves somewhere, then you need to do the following:

      enter the services: - on the "computer" icon, press the right mouse button - select "management", then select "services"

      disable the following services:
      1. BITS Background Intelligent Service (this service can gobble up all the traffic in a few minutes);
      2. Automatic update;
      3. In the window, type: "gpedit.msc" - disable all types of automatic updates;
      5. Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN and everything else in this block;
      6. Only nVidia update related services.

      Also, in the Firewall, close access (create a rule) to suspicious processes - EXE files that are visible in the task manager:
      launch the task manager, switch to the "Processes" tab, analyze the running processes and click on the suspicious process with the right mouse button to select the "Properties" menu bar, then switch to the "Security" tab and copy the full line (along with the path) of the location of the suspicious EXE file, then execute the following sequence to open the Firewall:
      Start / Control Panel / System and Security / Windows Firewall / Advanced Settings / Rules for incoming (outgoing) connections - create a rule - copy the full line of a suspicious EXE file into the "path to the program" field, do not forget to put "Point / Daw" in the "Deny access" area, the following processes will be an exception:
      1. Svchost.exe - this is access to the Internet (otherwise, your Internet connection will disappear)
      2. Your_Browser.exe - these are your hands on the network
      3. Your_program-rocking.exe - this is your rocking type torrent, flash drive, reget, etc.

      I also wanted to tell you what to do immediately after installing a fresh OS (I was based on Windows 7 Ultimate 64):
      Immediately after installing and first starting up a fresh OS, you must do the following:
      - boot from DVD-Live, Live-CD, or from a bootable USB flash drive
      After loading, directly do the following:
      1. remove C: \ Windows \ DVD Maker;
      2. wherever Internet Explorer can be removed;
      3. Rename Moricons.dll to Mfplay.dll (everywhere). You can find this file (i.e. Moricons.dll) here: C: \ Windows \ System32 \, and Mfplay.dll you can find here: C: \ Windows \;
      4. rename Ipconfig.exe (it is located here: C: \ Windows \ System32 \) with the subsequent replacement of the following files (even if these files do not exist, they will need to be created):
      A. Iun6002.exe (location: C: \ Windows \)
      B. Unrecode.exe (location: C: \ Windows \)
      C. Werfault.exe (location: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ and not only there ...)
      D. DWM.exe (location: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ and not only there ...)

      After that, you will need to reboot and install:
      1. firewood from the meter (INF, Audio, LAN, SATA, etc.);
      2. firewood from vidyahi (if you have it);
      3. firewood from the modem;
      4. I personally do not install any anti-virus and any anti-Trojan trash (I determined that itís in this shit that our ďPavlik MorozovĒ hides);

      Not desirable software:
      1. WinRar (itís better to install 7z, because some versions (from Alienware) are capricious with a certain probability of starting and do not want to work correctly);
      2. HideIp;
      3. Foxit Reader;
      4. Adobe Acrobat;
      5. WinBoost;
      6. Office (use a regular notebook, of course, if you are not a creative person);
      7. Internet Tweak and the like;
      8. Spy Killer and similar anti-Trojans (SpywareBeGone, Troyan Remover);

      P.S. if you are actively working with other people's flash drives, then you can install Troyan Guarder

      Desired software:
      1. Firefox:
      2. Bit Torrent;
      3. Nero;
      4. Pot Player;
      5. Winamp;
      6. Total Commander;
      7. Far Manager.

      P.S .: I also ask the author to turn off the automatic start of the internal disk check from everywhere when the "SCAN DISK" system boots up due to possible damage to the hard drives.

      Add-ons over time.
      If you still wanted to manually register IP addresses on your network, then I will tell you how (I checked everything myself):

      1. on the host computer, the IP address is v.4. it is indicated explicitly, the main gateway and the preferred DNS server are the same, we do not go into the "Alternative configuration" tab, also in the settings of the network adapter, all checks, CRC, moderation, etc. are disabled, the speed is indicated explicitly (the largest and most possible), Force Master Mode is activated, Receive Buffers are now 600, Transmit Bufers are not changed.
      2. on the distributing computer in the network settings (Network and Sharing Center) only "Network Discovery" remains active, and now all actions will be performed in the "Alternative Configuration" tab:
      1. The IP address v.4 is indicated. Server
      2. All DNSs (also from the General tab) either look at the sucking PC (if you have only 2 PCs), or they donít look anywhere at all;
      3. The main gateway is the same as on the sucking PC;
      3. If it is necessary to read the traffic, the current Internet connection on the server is opened and remains in the open window mode with byte counting.

      P.S .: use NetBalancer 9.14.5 to control traffic.

      P.S .: installing an antivirus is not necessary when doing all of the above.

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      Where am I?
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      Thumbs up attachment part 1

      attachment part 1

      to get the original file after downloading, please get rid of the MK4 extension, provided that the file has 2 extensions

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      Where am I?
      I am:
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      Default attachment part 2

      attachment part 2:


      to get the original file after downloading, please get rid of the MK4 extension, provided that the file has 2 extensions

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      Where am I?
      I am:
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      Default attachment part 3

      attachment part 3


      to get the original file after downloading, please get rid of the MK4 extension, provided that the file has 2 extensions

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      Where am I?
      I am:
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      Thumbs up OLD TRADE TERMINAL


      after downloading, get rid of the secret extension MQ4 and open using gz4z file gct4setup.7z.001 for unpacking and installation

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      Where am I?
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      Interesting topic, I hope to try something like that. Avtow thanks a lot and more profit

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      FX Super Hero
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      It's all depend on your own cell phone Forex trading business because when you have better is scalping trading skills and when you are better confidence about on your own knowledgeable abilities in Forex then you're beautiful India conference about reading and you have to be knowledgeable and conference with full planning and knowledgeable again and again motivational

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