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Thread: Money for posting: F.A.Q. (updated on June 19, 2018)

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    Exclamation Money for posting: F.A.Q. (updated on June 19, 2018)

    Money for posting FAQ

    1. What is a bonus?
    A bonus is a money reward for making posts on our forum. The sponsor of this campaign is InstaForex. The campaign is aimed at providing beginners with an opportunity to try their hand at real trading on Forex without investing their own money. For more experienced traders this bonus is a present for their contribution to development of the forum.
    To learn more about the money for posting campaign, please go to https://forum.mt5.com/showthread.php...1#post12601511.

    2. How can I get the bonus?
    To get the bonus, you need to register a live account with InstaForex and attach this account to your profile on the forum.mt5.com. The bonuses which were accumulated during a week are credited to an account within the first week of the following week.

    3. Can I withdraw the bonus from my trading account?
    No, you cannot. You can withdraw only the profits obtained through trading with the bonus funds.

    4. Should I make a deposit to my account to get the bonus?
    No, you don’t need to make a deposit to get the bonus. But you are free to invest your own funds if you want to.

    5. I cannot attach my trading account to my profile on the forum. What is wrong?
    There are three possible reasons for it. First, make sure that you fill in the correct password and the number of your trading account. Second, an error can occur if you do not register your trading account with the affiliate link of the forum. To solve this problem, please register another account and enter the word portalforum in the Affiliate code field. And finally, if your account is already attached to some other forum, sponsored by InstaForex, you cannot get bonuses from the forum forum.mt5.com.

    6. I have trading accounts which are attached to other forums, sponsored by InstaForex. Can I get bonuses from all these forums?
    No, you cannot.

    7. To attach my trading account to the forum, I am required to fill in my trader’s password. Is it safe?
    Unfortunately, there is no other way to attach a trading account to a forum than to fill in a trader’s password due to specific features of MetaTrader 4. As soon as you attach an account, we recommend changing a trader’s password.

    8. Can I change the attached trading account to another one?
    Yes, you can, but only 2 months after you attached your current account.

    9. Can I transfer the bonus to another account (my, my relative’s, friend’s, or assistant’s account).
    No, you cannot.

    10. What will happen if I do not attach any trading account to my profile? Will the bonus be cancelled?
    If a user does not attach a trading account to a forum profile within a week, then the term of bonus will expire in the following week.

    11. What will happen with my bonus funds if I get blocked from posting on the forum?
    If you get blocked, bonus funds will not be credited to your account.

    12. Where can I see the statistics of my current savings? What does the figure under my avatar show (the Accumulated bonus)? Why this figure remains unchanged while I make posts?
    The volume of the received bonus funds is not shown in order to prevent cheating in likes statistics.
    The figure under your avatar shows the total amount that was credited to your profile since you registered on the forum. This sum changes as the bonus received for a week is credited to an attached trading account.
    If a participant has just registered, then the Accumulated bonus shows the zero reading until the bonus for posting is credited.

    13. I have counted the number of my posts and likes for a week, and it is bigger than the number shown in my profile in the Bonus for post tab. Why is it so?
    In your profile you can see only the number of posts and likes which were approved by the Intelligent System of Content Analysis (ISCA).

    14. If some member of the forum likes my post and I like his or hers, what will happen? Will the ISCA system register it as cheating?
    No, it won’t. If you click “likes” adequately, there will be no problem. However, you’d better not be too enthusiastic and click too many “likes”. You need to be objective and like a post only if it is really useful but not if you just want to do your friend a favor.

    15. What will happen if someone clicks “likes” on all my posts deliberately? Will the ISCA system register it as cheating?
    It will. But in this case you will only lose the bonus that was received from these likes, whereas the cheater can be banned from the forum.

    16. Can I ask other members of the forum to like my posts? For example, I want to send messages or write this request in my signature so it was seen under my posts. Can I do it?
    No, such actions are strictly prohibited and they will be considered as spam. As a result, your profile can be blocked.

    17. I don’t see the button “Thanks”, so I cannot put likes. What should I do?
    Probably, you have exceeded the daily limit. In this case you can only wait until the button appears again on the following day. You should like only those posts which are really useful and informative. Don’t click likes if you just want to do other members of the forum a favor. This button is intended for evaluating the contents of posts, not their authors.

    18. What is the daily limit on likes?
    The limit is confidential, but it is quite enough for adequate use of likes. Besides, this number can vary.

    19. Can I use likes to organize a vote or a poll, or carry out a contest with likes as a main prize?
    No, it is prohibited and can be considered as spam.

    20. Does this campaign provide any additional bonuses, for creation of a thread or a number of created threads, for example?
    No, it does not. Moreover, before creating a thread, you should make a search on the forum, as it can happen that the similar thread has already been created.

    21. Should I make a deposit to the trading account that I have registered for receiving the bonus funds?
    No, you should not. You can trade with the bonus funds only, without investing your own money.

    22. I tried to attach a trading account to the forum, but an error message appeared. What should I do?
    To participate in the campaign, you should register an account in compliance with the clause 4 of the campaign’s rules [a link to the rules of the bonus campaign]. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attach the account.
    Furthermore, there can be some problems with attaching an account at weekends as trading servers may not respond due to scheduled maintenance. In this case we recommend you to try again later or wait until a weekend ends.

    23. Suppose I attach a new account to my profile 2 months after I attached the first account. What will happen to the funds on my old account? Will I still be able to trade on it?
    The funds remain on the unattached account. You are free to continue trading on it. However, you’d better refrain from opening offsetting deals on different trading accounts that participate in the campaign. Otherwise, your accounts may be blocked.

    24. What will happen if I do not attach a trading account to my profile? Will the bonus funds be cancelled?
    The funds will accrue. But you should bear in mind that the money is credited only for the last week of participation on the forum, i.e. you need to attach an account until the last day of the week. Please read the campaign’s rules https://forum.mt5.com/showthread.php...1#post12601511.

    25. Can I attach an MT5 account to my profile?
    No, only MT4 accounts are valid.

    26. Can I attach one trading account to my several profiles on the forum?
    No, you cannot.

    27. Can I attach several trading accounts to one profile?
    No, you cannot.

    28. Can I trade binary options on the attached account?
    No, you cannot.

    29. I attached an account two months ago but when I try to change an account I get a message that I can do it only after two months though the current date is specified. Why is it so and what should I do?
    It can happen if two months did not pass actually. For example, you attached an account two months ago at 6 p.m., so today you can change an account no sooner than after 6 p.m.
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