BitTube: a browser for video card mining in January 2020

This coin is ideal for those who do not want to spend money on buying asyks, but prefer the classic mapping with video cards. At the time of writing (12.01.2020) this crypt currency has the following indicators:

Ticker TUBE USD exchange rate 0.01 Capitalization USD 2.8 million Mining Algorithm CryptoNightSaber Block time 1 minute 58 seconds Reward for the block

147.89 TUBE

AMD Radeon VII graphics card is ideal for mining the asset in question. As for the actual profitability, our calculations gave such results:

USD income Mining on 1 video card Farming with 4 boards
Day 0.67 2.66
Week 4.66 18.61
Month 19.97 79.78
Year 243 970.63

It would seem that in our calculations we have not received fabulous amounts. Then why should a BitTube coin be minted after all? There are several reasons for that:

1. The low current price of the asset, which gives room for growth in the future.

2. The coin is traded on some popular exchanges (Bittrex, Livecoin). This fact already suggests that the coin has a certain potential, otherwise it would not be listed.

3. BitTube can be used as an intermediate asset for investing in Bitcoin. On the same Bittrex and Livecoin coins are traded in pairs with BTC. Thus, it is possible to minimize the coin in question, exchange it for Satoshi and gradually accumulate capital in Bitcoins. January 2020 can be considered the ideal time to start such a mining. Next year BTC may take off in price, so you will have a chance to pay off your equipment faster or even come out on top.

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