This question has two sides and the fact of the matter is that it does not take into account a large number of factors that play in your favor - the most important of which is your ability to practice trial trading without investing one cent of your own money. Again, when is the right time to stop real trading? If you are not able to make a profit on a continuous basis and your winning and losing deals depend heavily on luck, or your system is unable to achieve an appropriate return, then this is the time to stop trading your real money but without this decision means that you are forced to exit the market Forex completely. Also, if you notice that trading dominates your entire life, you also need to take a break from real trading - and sometimes even get away from trial trading in order to rearrange your affairs and organize your life again. This rule is applicable even if you are a successful trader.

It is important to know that successful traders may spend many years until they reach this point. These years are full of obstacles and failures that stand in the way of success. Thus if you are having difficulties trading forex, this does not necessarily mean that this field is not suitable for you, but the opposite may be the case. Perhaps your difficulties are nothing more than the usual obstacles that everyone faces on the road to success and profit. In other words, you should stop investing your real money if you are not achieving your good results, but you do not have to stop trading on the demo account because the way ahead is to try again and again. You reduce the financial burden and learn to trade patiently and responsibly and do not leave the trial trading stage until you verify your ability to achieve profits constantly if you really want to continue in this field. And be sure that these efforts will pay off in the long run. In other words, you do not have to step out of the race before you think, try and find out whether trading is really not the right profession for you or what you are currently experiencing is nothing more than labor pains before you find your way in this exciting world.