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    Thread: That dangerous monster destroying many

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      The Anthropocene, now a popular term among scientists, is the epoch in which we live: one dominated by human impacts on the living world. Most date it from the beginning of the industrial revolution. But it might have begun much earlier, with a killing spree that commenced two million years ago. What rose onto its hind legs on the African savannahs was, from the outset, death: the destroyer of worlds.Homo erectus possessed several traits that appear to have made it invincible: intelligence, co-operation, an ability to switch to almost any food when times were tough, and a throwing arm that allowed it to do something no other species has ever managed – to fight from a distance (the increasing distance from which we fight is both a benchmark and a determinant of human history). It could have driven giant predators off their prey and harried monstrous herbivores to exhaustion and death

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      When we find that the market movement on different time frames we become disappointed and we do not know in which direction we can put our orders and so it is better to wait until find that many time frames has the same direction and then we can trade in the direction and we will be able to make money and the rate of success will be high and the profits will be good.

      Trading with patience is necessary and it is not necessary for the trader to open positions and trade everyday and he can wait for many days without trading if he unsure to determine the major direction and trend and this is better than trading in the wrong time and direction and facing of loses that could not be able to recovered again if the market started to move against the trader and so the trader will not be able to manage his open positions and will regret about taking of wrong decision of trading in the wrong time and did not wait for the proper time.

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      hello dear friends you call it moster yes it is a monster in way only that is most did not come up with out our notice for invitation in fact we invited it and it has been killed money in forex market what are these moster revenge trading trading against the trend changing trends in patients and trading without stop loss these mustard don't have the capacity to do anything unless we allow it we are all guilty of these things I listed above no one is an exception will only make adjustments after we have suffered the consequences of our actions on many occasions sometimes we learn by experience and most time to experience is not anything good so we have to do work hard in this forum to get successful in this business

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