Hobbies can be practiced to make the time flies or it can be legitimately done to improve yourself at something. However you may find this hobby of your to be, doing something productive to improve the standard of your life is something your future self will be so grateful for. As we all know, there might be some or many have free time in their hands, and if you do, doing something useful is going to enhance the quality of your life. Due to very reason crisis that we all have been going through. Finding an alternative source to keep your mind at ease if one of the way to get through such as time as this. Here some of the fun and effective hobbies that is will not only be a time passer but will most definitely improved the quality and the way you see in life.

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There is something about learning the art of music. Scientist have discovered, that as you pick up an instrument and learn to play at the very young age such as 4 year to 7 years old, your brain development picks up thing very fast and the flow of your creative, which controls by the left side of your brain develops efficiently. This proven statement applies to adult such as too. In another hand, learning music by playing an instrument of your choice such as guitar, piano, drums or even clarinet is able to enhance your brain activities. Another proven fact, people whom have the creativity flowing actively in their left brain, seems to make better choice life and end up living a good life. Musical skills also proves to subdue someone’s mood by 10 times which also links to reduce stress in your life. Well there you go, some fact for you to pick up to learn music today.

Cooking or baking

We all browse into the internet to learn some good home cooked meal to enjoy our self and with our loved ones and some well they skip the hustle and buy outside foods. According to many nutritionist, they have suggested to consume home cooked meal due to the better nutritional values, safe and it is made fresh. Well maybe we should try this especially for such a time as this, as many lockdowns, restriction arises.Another great advantages about this home cooked meal is that, you know what you are adding into the food that was prepared by you for your loved one. Many restaurants claim they use zero GMO products, organic material, freshly baked or even the word home cooked meal, but is that all even true? The safest and an indeed guarantee for a meal full of value added compound is surely the meal that you prepare at home. In addition, as you get experimental with all the possible cuisine, type of cultural delicacies or even a dish that you have always wanted to learn and enjoy, you get involved and eventually you will master the skill. And the next party at your home, you can flourish with all the cordon bleu that you learned and it a win to win situation. Why and how you may ask, well if you are someone whom does monthly budgeting and savings, you know very well how much and how expensive is take away foods. So learning to get your hands dirty is another way you are helping yourself from going short of cash at the month ends. Killing two bird in one stone, so it a skill useful for your daily life and a budget saver as well.


Gardening is also categories as one of the outdoor activities to keep yourself fit and healthy. So if you are looking for a hobby that allows you to move around and keeping yourself active, this is what you are looking for. This hobby requires patience as in to be able to capture the fruit of your labour, but let me tell you it is so worth waiting for. Many house makers or even people that a passionate about gardening, grow their own empire of fruits and vegetable right at their backyard land or even at their homes with a mini version of garden right in pots. This hobbies also a financial saver as to you don’t have to buy no more the vegetable of our choice when you can grow them at your own place. Like I mention, it takes time but it a fun hobby to keep you going around.


I know what you are thinking but here me out on this. Recent therapist and vast number of physiologist have introduce a tool or you can say a therapy to help adult suffering from depression, insomnia, relaxation tool well you guessed it right, art therapy. Adult colouring done tremendous beneficial in being therapeutic to adult, as it enhances the mind, improves one mood and even act as a stress buster on a daily basis. It also develops motor skills, vision and mental development.


Do you know that hand craft product are blooming in this current era? Well you can take this opportunity to start learning the art of crafting not just to pass your free time but to get extra income. Such example would be knitting, homemade soap and bath salts, scarfs, DIY Bracelets, Wall painting, customized key chains, you name it. There are many creative ideas to do your very own home made crafts to get that side business going. At such difficult time as this, an extra income would be a life saver for you. Keep that in mind, it also creates a platform for you to learn and be more creative as well improvement to you hand-eye coordination skills.

Here you go, the list to get you going at your free time plus having the own benefit to be turned into profit. Nothing comes easy, so learning a new skills may and will take time, but never give up because great things take time.