A review on SA Paribahan Courier Service:
SA Paribahan Courier Service is big name in Bangladesh for courier service. they transfer our product from any place of Bangladesh.SA paribahan has their own transport service so their service become so much strong and quick. This service are good and it has many advantages but it also some disadvantages. In bellow we are telling this.

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SA Paribahan Courier Service already make a big place for the customer. Their service are so much good. We can get our product and send our product within short time here. SA Paribahan Courier Service has their own transport. Every day at night they start their transport from one place to another place. They provide best customer service. SA Paribahan Courier Service is a big name and we can check the order by online through tracking number.
As SA Paribahan Courier Service use their own transport service so they take big charges as a cost. SA Paribahan Courier Service need to increase their manpower and need to increase their branches because all upazela they do not cover still now.