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    Thread: How Covid-19 affects grocery experience

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      Default How Covid-19 affects grocery experience

      Grocery shopping is a necessity. I prefer frequenting a grocery store over a boutique clothing because I donít fancy any designer clothes or bags. Aside from being expensive, buying designer labels are not practical at all. The very concept of grocery shopping remained the same: customers enter a store, pick items and put those in a cart, and line up at the cashier. Since its inception, however, the overall supermarket experience has improved, largely thanks to technology. Grocery stores have gotten bigger and offered a variety of products. With just a few mouse clicks or taps on a smartphone, we can order groceries online and have it delivered straight to our doors - again, a huge thanks to technology!

      Not until the coronavirus did I realize how much Iíve appreciated picking out grocery items myself. I regret the times Iíve taken this for granted. As the total number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), our grocery shopping experience will never be the same. Gone are the days of going to the nearest supermarket in spare time, whether alone or with family. Now, we have no choice but to wake up early, head to the grocery store, line up for at least an hour, add items to the physical cart, and queue again to pay. No one has any idea when and how exactly this entire ordeal occurred but one thing is certain: this is going to be the ďnew normalĒ at least in the next few months or until the world has overcome the virus pandemic.

      I was assigned to do the grocery run for the household. My parents are old and my younger brother is not used to buying produce even if he has a list and specifications. I donít mind doing this at all. What I despise the most is enduring long lines both at the entrance and the cashier. Since I work from home, the only window time to go to the store is on a weekend, usually Saturday, even if I have a special pass. I purchase items in bulk or within the prescribed limit for specific products per transaction. Since the city we live in was placed under lockdown in March, Iíve visited a supermarket around five to six times and I detest those grocery episodes. Up to this day, it remains a mystery to me why lines are long at these establishments even on a weekend. Perhaps you can help me solve the riddle?

      This post is not intended to go Dutch on anyone. Rather, I intend to share some tips on how to make this toilsome task much bearable and safer for everyone.

      First, you ought to prepare the shopping list. Items must be jotted down by category (separating food items from non-food ones is a great idea). That way, the designated shopper will not encounter difficulties getting the item from the shelves. It is also advised to have 2nd and 3rd option in case the preferred product is not available.

      Second, you cannot carry those items all by yourself, it is strongly advised to not bring an extra hand on a supermarket visit. Letís help the government contain the virus. It is also important to strictly adhere to guidelines within the store. Of course, always wear a smile and treat people with kindness. We all need an ounce of goodness in our lives!

      Third, eat food. A lot. Youíll never know how much time you need to get everything done. Munch a heavy meal. Oh, forget not to drink some water, take some vitamins, and do number two if you must. Before leaving, wear a protective mask and gloves. Bring some alcohol, too. Safety first.

      Fourth, be patient enough to line up. You can bring a book, download videos from Netflix and/or YouTube, or listen to music while waiting. Talking to a stranger at this point is discouraged because of social distancing policies in place. You can also take snaps covertly as certain buildings prohibit picture-taking within the premises.

      Fifth, once you are inside the grocery, get a huge cart. Grab non-perishable items first and fresh produce last. Expect to spend more time navigating the store longer than usual. When in doubt, call your mother or someone who curated the grocery list.

      Use your eyes, not hands, to help you with choosing the items you need. As much as possible, avoid unnecessary handling of products in the supermarket. You do not wish to catch the virus through these products, right?

      Sixth, review the list and make sure you have all the things you need in the cart. Double-check, triple check. Better be sure than sorry. You do not wish to go back to the supermarket just to buy one item.

      While some supermarkets now accept cash payment, it is better to pay for the items using debit or credit cards to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Take out the grocery or eco bag and then give it to the cashier.

      And lastly, when you reach your house, sanitize purchased items. Take your clothes off and take a bath. And rest.

      One might askÖ when is the best time to do the grocery run? On a weekday. I tell you, lines are much harder to endure on Saturdays and Sundays.

      Remember, the supermarket is not the only place where you can purchase grocery items. Just a piece of advice: if you plan to buy a product or two, you may do so at a nearby convenience store. Queues at the entrance and cashier are shorter than in a grocery store. Trust me.

      Well, if you hate buying items yourself or do not enough time to stack up on the essential items, you may want to consider online grocery shopping. That will save you time, money, and effort. There are a ton of options available right before your mobile phones. Of course, you apply the same principle in preparing the shopping list to make work easier for grocery workers.

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      COVID-19 has practically affected different types of people and businesses in the world generally, there is nobody that can say that this COVID-19 has not affected them in any way, there are things that we should understand about this disaster that has began to manifest, there is something that we can do with about it.

      One of the businesses that has not been affected is the people that are trading online which means that people that have been able to contribute to the regular financial institutions will have something, this means that anytime we want to make not, it would be something that can make great difference.

      1. We can not say much about advantages of the COVID-19 but one thing is for sure that many businesses have automatically done well especially online platform.

      1. There are a lot of jobs that have been lost.

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      COVID-19 pandemic has had a very terrible effect on every business and one can see clearly that the economy of the whole world had been negatively affected of which grocery is of no exception.The rules for the prevention of covid-19 appears to have made life difficult thus going to any supermarket or banks will require that one has to on an unplanned queue and when to pick products you have to undergo an unusual process and all manners of sanitization processes.The whole thing has become very frustrating and discouraging but in all these there is no proof that all these measures have really helped the situation as expected.Not only this when the covid-19 is over many economies may go into recess if not depression

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