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Technical analysis of the Gbp/Chf on the Hour 1 chart frame
Dear mate when viewed technically the Gbp/Chf pair on H1 timeframe as a whole is in a bearish trend And now it does tend to experience a bearish trend that is too over. You can see the bearish power until it exits the upper band Indicates the volume of candlestick that is formed is very strong. While we see the technical side of the Stochastic oscillator indicator the 9.3.3 method to exponential on daily timeframes is overbought after the signal band is at line 90. That indicates the trend in the transition to a bearish reversal trend
but i not set the bollinger bands and the Stochastic oscillator indicator indicators
you can n your chart and check it on the H1 frame chart
CHF is getting stronger in my view , I am waiting for the rebound from the level of 1.1808 and the decline to the support at 1.1752. The truth is confusing in that the divergence is formed on an hourly TF with a decrease and it is now being discharged and they obviously will not be able to discharge it to the level of 1.18089, so the chances that they will break the level of 1.11809 will push it above 1.1850 for next week .