Congratulations for clicking on this thread! You will finally be able to see some opinions on Netflix Usage and if it is worth your time and money.

Before starting, I need to tell you that this is a topic that is mainly for people who are thinking about subscribing to Netflix. If you are already subscribed to it, maybe you can get a few tips and facts that could change your decision then. (I bet some of you have thought about the question "Is Netflix something I should spend my money on?")

Let's get to the Chase!

Due to the emergence of the new novel coronavirus 2019, many people are probably extremely bored now that they are stuck at home. Although some people may be scared, I bet the vast majority would at least have some interest in leisure time and entertainment as they may not have another chance of having a long rest at home either by themselves in isolation or with their families. Because of this, let's talk about Netflix, one of the top internet streaming services that people subscribe too for interesting movies and films.

Netflix is one of the services I personally use myself as it has multiple genres and films ranging from Korean Dramas, Japanese Animes, Marvel Movies, to simple Television Series films. Yet despite my long subscription to this online streaming service or application, I still find it lacking as it misses lots of musicals, anime movies, Disney films, and Cartoon shows due to its limited film offers. If you are currently subscribed and using Netflix, I bet that you somehow felt the boredom of scrolling through it without finding any new film or genre offered. Sometimes, you will not even find the films that you truly want to watch. This then raises the question, "Do you think Netflix Subscription is Worth the Money?"

Unpopular Opinion : Netflix not Worth The Monthly Subscription
- I know that many people will not agree with my perspective because you might think that Netflix has good quality offers and films (But seriously, how can they not have the classic films like Harry Potter?! It was one of the best selling films and books in the entertainment world of Fantasy).

Reasons as to why Netflix is not an service that you should spend your money on.

1. Selected Film Library
- As sad as this may seem, there is definitely a selection of films that Netflix considers "worthy enough" to be shown in their application. They only add films that they consider mainstream or profitable. It does not give way to new emerging hit films or classic series that people actually want to buy or pay for! Instead, they focus too much on their own film productions. Thus, the "Netflix Originals" have then come.
(P.S. In addition, this makes other people who have no money be unable to relate, so not all your friends can share your passion in certain films and you will not have much people to talk to about what you just watched)

2. High Internet Connection Speed Requirement
- Another reason that many people would have difficulty in using Netflix centers on the fact that it needs a minimum of 3.0 Megabits speed for at least SD quality (to think that you can only have Ultra HD quality when you have a 25 Megabits internet speed ). It somehow defeats the purpose of paying for something like a subscription if they cannot even provide you with good quality or HD films to watch and enjoy in your relaxation and leisure days.

3. No Media Ownership
- Technically, Netflix is like a CD or Film renting service when you slowly think about it. It is similar to renting a house that you need to pay for monthly without owning it. In the end, you cannot even own your own films. You literally need to keep paying to rewatch and reminisce on your favorite movies. In the end, maybe buying the films that you want would last in the long run! (Who knows, maybe even the next generation or your children can watch your favorite films films years later!)

4. Inflation Rates
- Every economy changes in whatever country you are in. Basically, you have no choice in this change as it is a worldwide occurence and normality. For this reason, I believe that you will understand that you Netflix monthly subscriptions would no doubt increase in prices in the future. It would not only kill your budget as it takes monthly film renting expense, but it will also charge you even if you do not watch anything for a month. (Imagine losing your hard earned money for a service that you do not even use as often)

5. Laziness Culture
- Ok, now most of the people may not agree with this, but HEAR ME OUT!
- Leisure and Entertainment is something that people have only when they are free from their work, school, or daily activities. Honestly, not everyone has that much free time so watching Netflix everyday is almost impossible for some people. (Thus, you are literally paying about $9 to $15 monthly for a few hours or days of use)

BUT for the people who watch daily due to the coronavirus issue now or for the binge-watching community, I believe that watching films continuously eats up your supposed "productive time". Therefore, I think that people should literally just buy or download what they want to watch instead of paying for an expensive Netflix Service.

In the end, this is my personal review and opinion (as I myself subscribed to Netflix for about 2 years because of my family). Take this as a personal advise if you have never paid for a monthly Netflix subscription (at least from someone who pays the bills). Please, think of the long term savings that you could have if you invest and buy films that you want and watch them at your own time instead of constantly renting movies that you cannot even watch daily.