Staying at home does not bother me much because I've been able to travel a lot in the past. But once we are free, I would love to visit this places again.

I live in the Philippines composed of more than 7,000 islands. In this country you can find anything from mountains, different kind of beaches and unique islands. Because of this I am really proud to be raised in my country where I could experience life 7,000 plus times.

Having said this, it would be a waste not to take opportunity to travel. By luck my profession allows me to travel to different part of the Philippines. I've been to most of the cities and provinces. And for some reason, Everytime I visit I always find something unique and wonderful about each place. However, there are really places that I can't forget. Allow me to share it with you.
Let me run through some of the places worth visiting after quarantine. In addition , I will also provide details as to what activities you can do to enjoy your trip.

Let us start from the Northern part.
One of my favorite places in North is Baguio City. If you are looking for a cold place with the city feel, then Baguio is for you. The place is cold because it is located on top of the mountains. Though, it is on top mountains, this place is basically rural with quite a big population and lots of activities to do and things to eat. While in Baguio, make sure you
Visit their gardens for Baguio is also known for lots of plants and flowers and every February they celebrate the Panagbenga or Flower Festival. I'm sure you'll get tired from visiting gardens, so you may also want to try to visit Chocolate de Baterol. This is where you can rest while drinking their famous chocolate or coffee depends on you while listening to live performances. This is a perfect place to relax after a tiring day.

This time will go to center part of the Philippines. We'll there are notably lots of places to visit, but that entirely depends on your mood. If you are up for food trip then go to Pampanga, a city known for its best cuisines. But there is one place that I've visited once and will visit again after this quarantine. That is Minalungao, known as a national park located in Nueva Ecija. This a perfect place to have a picnic with the family while riding a bamboo raft. Here you can see different rock formations, enjoy the clear blue water and have adventures inside a cave. This is a place jam-packed with adventures.

Now let us move forward to the Southern part.This time will focus on the Visayas region, One of the main island group in the Philippines. If you are looking for marvelous beaches, Visayas has a lot to offer. But then again, Visayas is too big. So let me magnify to the best place I've visited in this Region. If you want to experience island life one best places to travel is Bohol. Home for the famous chocolate hills, river cruise and Island hoping. It also a home for a rare primate called tarsier, who is under the category of endangered. Bohol has a lot to offer, but if you decide to visit make sure that you'll never forget to dropped by chocolate hills, a world famous landscape where you'll be captivated by it's 1,000 plus hills. Aside form chocolate hills, there are lots of islands to visit, but one of the famous ones are panglao and balicasag. While in Balicasag you may also try diving and snorkeling.

We've covered form North to South, there are still lots of places I want to share would you but I might probably leave that for the next post. Instead, let us cover one more place that you'll probably visit while Philippines, that is the capital, Manila. Most flights are bound to Manila at least before you can visit the other places. So while in Manila, waiting for you next trip you might probably want to take the opportunity to look around the city.Although it's a city, Manila is home to lots of historical places. Let me share with you a one stop adventure to Manila. When in Manila you should go for the Rizal park- national museum- intramuros tour. Let me give you a visual tour to each places. Rizal park, as it suggest is a national park devoted to our national hero Jose Rizal. Here you can find the monument of Rizal and other national heroes. There is a fountain usually open at night and botanical gardens within the area. Beside this is where you'll find the National Museum, here you can see famous artworks which includes paintings and sculptures. It is also a home for botanical collection and different artifacts from the past. Your visit will surely make you knowledgeable about the history of the country. It will give you an idea as to what is expected when you visit other provinces. Our last stop is Intramuros, known as a landmark where you can find different Spanish era structures. It a tour that will surely bring you back to the past and forget that you are in the city. There are surely a lot of infrastructure to visit but do not forget to add San Agustin Church in your list. San Agustin Church is know to be one of the oldest church in Manila. It was built on 1607 and where most special Catholic mass were held. I'm sure you'll hungry when you visit, there are lots of Spanish era themed restaurant located in the are so I'm sure you'll find a place suitable to your taste. In addition while in your Rizal park- national museum- Intramuros tour, I'm sure you will find lots of side vendors seeking different Filipino delicacies.

That's it. Make sure you fill yourself with lots of good food and memories