Puerto Galera is one of the most Popular beach in Mindoro. Puerto Galera also known for their pure white sands like the sand in boracay. The Puerto Galera was named by our Spanish Colonizers this name means Port of Galleon. Based on my understanding this place are used to be one of the location use for trading and exporing products and materials. This is also port of the people during 1600's because of its characteristic and Geographic location. It is an port that are good for trading because the storms are often there.

I remember my experience in Puerto Galera was great. I went there way back 2018 after my graduation. It took us 2 hours and 30 mins of travel to find Puerto Galera. I travel through commute by a bus and ride a ferry going to island. The ferry will took you 30 mins to reach the island. We stayed to one of the popular Hotel in Puerto Galera named as Atlantis Dive Hotel and Resorts. The Hotel was good, The rooms are compose of Aquatic themes especially the lobby of the hotel. Puero Galera is a place that is similar to Boracay Island but not too crowded like Boracay. The tourist visitor in Puero Galera are not too crowded. After resting at the hotel, we wait until night time to experience and witness the social night life of Puerto Galera and when we do, I was really shock and amaze because of the things that I witness there. In every sections I saw a person performing in their different cultural performances. Some people are performing about fire, they playing with fire and that was ridiculous. I remember also witnessing some comedy stay play that makes me so happy that night. That night I went to a Bar and tried the greatest cocktail of Puerto Galera.

On the other day, I remember travelling to an private island and have some pictures to each beautiful rocks and sand formation. Some people says that the Island was owned by a Powerful influencer in Puerto Galera, We tried snorkeling in the deepest trenches of Puerto Galera. I remember seeing a Sea snake while snorkeling it was very scary because that snake are very poisonus, We also went to the Garden of Corals in Puerto Galera through snorkeling, I saw the beauty of the sea nature of my home country. I almost do snorkeling in that deep sea for almost 20 minutes, It was a good experience seeing the most biggest and beautiful clamps and pearls in Puerto Galera, That activity will cost you around 80 dollars. After snorkeling, we do some land tour activities. We visited the Pag asa center where you can see all the town of Puerto Galera. The Pag asa center is so high like a building. Based on the local people there that structure was made to monitor the sea levels and different catastrophe.

Puerto galera is a place to do some leisure and activities and especially to relax, the sun was to sunny and warm. It is perfect for tanning of skin and sun bathing. Many foreign nationalities are visiting the island of Puerto Galera, about the water activities I also tried riding a Jetski and it was fun. I rented the jetski for almost 1 hour and it cost me 50 dollars. That jetski experience waa great because I explore and experience to go to the deepest part of the sea. This experience was so memorable. It gives me great happiness and memories.

I remember doing some private island hopping where me and my loved ones are only the person that is riding the boat. I rented the boat for a private purposes. I remember having our lunch in an Island named mariposa. This island serves a good filipino sea food dishes. I enjoyed a lot eating large prawns and crabs. We also tried to hunt a lobster and to cook a live lobster, If you know lobster has a expensive price for our country because our country doesn't have plenty of this breed on producing. Puerto Galera is a place that you can easily travel and has a cheaper expense. This place doesn't require taking an airplane compare to Boracay Island you need to take an airplane then ferry to go to Boracay.

I remember eating seafoods in Puerto Galera. the squid there are so fat and tasty. The people their are more on grilled food. Some local people are gathering around the resort to conduct and perorm their own traditional dances and ceremonies. The guest and the local people are gathering and dancing for the social night festival.

As you can explore and witness the beauty of Puerto Galera, you can see different unpopular sceneries that is so beautiful and elegant. The tamaraw falls also is a good attraction in Puerto Galera, this falls is connected to the mountains up to the sea.

Traveling to this place is a great pleasure because not all the people have budge to go here. The water activities here are cool, The sea floor are purely sand and i didn't experience any rocks on it. The sea was cold and very warm during noon time. Every night the fresh air coming from the winds of the sea are so healthy and comfortable. We went also to a sea tunnel where you can see a plenty of crabs gathering around the water and sand. That tunnel doesn't have a name but it is one of the tourist attraction to them when the guest wants to island hopping.

Traveling is a great concept and Idea. It helps us to unwind in our daily life, It lessen our pain and forget about the reality for a tempopary time. Traveling gets picture but leave memories. Capturing every moments in Traveling was a great idea and thinking. because as the years go by, the picture might fade but the memories are eternal and forever. Be mindful in traveling and be positive always.