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Thread: A Review On Honda Click

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    Post A Review On Honda Click

    I started driving a motorcycle when I was 21 years old back in the year 2018. Back then Ive been always a fan of Honda Motorcycles. Probably the reason is my family, my father, and my brothers have been using a Honda Brand ever since they acquired a motorcycle. From then I promised myself to also buy a Honda brand motorcycle in the future. Not until 2018 when my brother game me his Honda wave 2009. Its a motorcycle with a kick start and usually being used by men so its kind of hard to use for the first time. But it didnt stop me there, my other brother taught me how to use it and it only took me a week to finally use the motorcycle on the road. Its hard at first but its all worth it since I can finally go wherever I want. However, when the year 2019 began Honda releases the new version of Honda Click, the Honda Click 125i, and 150i 2019 model. The new Honda Click has a futuristic appeal especially on its front. It has a full LED headlights, daytime running lights, and its tail lamps were giving the scooter an aggressive and futuristic look.

    Just a quick look back on the history of Honda motorcycles, the Honda is said to be the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan and they started their production way back in 1955. After the Honda Motorcycle reached its peak in the year 1982 they managed to manufacture almost three million motorcycles in a year. In 2006 the total manufactured had reduced to around half a million but it was still higher than the other three domestic competitors. While in 2017, the country of India became the largest motorcycle market in Honda. In this country, Honda has become the leading manufacturer of scooters with the 59% of market share.

    Way back April 2019 when I first bought my own Honda Click 125i that is color vivid blue. It takes a month or two before the Land Transportation office will be able to release the original Official Receipt and Certification of Registration thats why I cannot fully use it. The Honda Click 125i is a scooter thats why its easier to use than a manual motorcycle. The Honda Click 125i is the four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that gives a powerful performance anywhere on the road. This automatic scooter also has a digital meter panel where you can use to check on the riding information such as fuel consumption, battery, odometer, and the speed. After weeks of waiting, I finally received the Official Receipt and Certificate of registration provided by the Land Transportation office. From then, I started using my Honda click 125i and it never failed me. The Honda Click 125i has a lot of features such as the 18 Liters under-seat compartment that can fit one full-face helmet and still have a space for other stuff like my phone, wallet, and a lot more. It also has a secure key shutter mechanism which is an additional security for anti-theft measure on bike. However, the tires of this scooter look a bit small for the overall profile of the motorcycle. It sometimes tends to lose grip especially when its raining and I make a quick change in my direction. But what I like the best in my scooter is the seat. It is comfortable which means long ride hours would still be comfortable.

    For the interior of the Honda Click 125i, its engine is 125cc with 4-stroke SOHC and liquid-cooled engine while its bore and stroke is 52.4 x 57.99mm. For the transmission it contains the V-Belt automatic and the power is 11hp at 8,500rpm. Its torque is 10.8Nm at 5,000 rpm and its suspension is telescopic front and unit swing rear. The brakes are hydraulic disc brake for front and have a mechanical leading trailing rear while the tire size is 80/90 14 M/C 40P front, 90/90 14 M/C 46P rear. As for the dimensions, it has a 1,919 x 679 x 1,062mm, 111kg and the price is 76,900. It is said that Honda Click 125i is one of the top-selling motorcycles in South-East Asia because of its affordability and the practicality that it offers. The Honda Click 125is first version was launched way back in the year 2015 and it continues to become a high-demand scooter until now. The Honda Click 125i is a resemble of the Honda click 150i even the sharp and edgy design. The only difference is the keyless entry of the Honda Click 150i and the 125cc over 150cc engine.

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    I remember before when I first started using the Honda Click 125i, it a mixture of hard and easy to use feeling. It is hard because its kind of large to use especially for a lady like me. But it is easier to use rather than a kick start manual motorcycle. Days after I acquired this motorcycle I immediately install a two-way alarm which will serve also as an anti-theft alarm. For the Honda Click 150i, there is a built-in alarm installed already but not in Honda Click 125i. However, it stills the best scooter for me. Weeks after when I started to drive around the region and it never failed me. I managed to drive a straight 8 hours and even the mountains around the city with a back ride. The amazing thing about this scooter is the efficiency of its fuel. I drove a straight 4 hrs and around 100km yet I only consumed half of the total fuel capacity. Also, with the help of its LED lights riders are more comfortable to ride during the night. You wont need to install additional lights since the lights glow stronger than other motorcycles.

    Advantages acquiring this motorcycle
    This motorcycle is powered by a four-stroke.
    Storage capacity under-seat is 18 liters
    Compartment under-seat can accommodate a full-face helmet.

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    Has a digital panel to check on the speed, odometer, battery, and fuel.

    Digital Panel of some Honda Click 125i is said to be defective.
    The battery is located in the footboard ahead of the riders seat.
    The Honda Click 125i is large and heavier compared to other scooters.
    It doesnt have a built-in alarm like the Honda Click 150i.

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    Default review Honda Click

    I have driven the Honda Click many times and have always had a good driving experience with this scooter. The most memorable trips are when on hills, this scuter is tough enough to traverse sharp hills. I rode 3 rental bikes of this model + more than 20,000 km alone. Despite its minor drawbacks, Click does not disappoint, I can safely recommend it to others. It is available almost everywhere in Bali, is cheap and is one of the most popular among foreigners.

    It should be noted that the tires are off-road, with very aggressive treads. Interestingly, here, the Honda Click is very common for rent and such tires are installed on almost all scooters. They are indestructible, as practice has shown!

    Price Honda Click
    Prices for the new Click start at $ 1613. You can find it for rent in Bali for $ 80 per month, find it from a guy who owns a bali cafe. Also in the Honda showroom there are used ones with prices ranging from $ 903 to $ 1194. Honda Center employees said that people took them on credit and couldn't pay for them, and then the bicycles were taken and sold as used.

    Prices in the UK, namely in Manchester, you can buy a new one for $ 2413. In the regions, proposals for this model are difficult to find.

    Scooter description.
    One of the disadvantages of this scooter is that the rear pillion does not like it, it is uncomfortable at the back, like the passenger. And he has something to compare, as we've tested many scooters, often hired for testing. The main thing he doesn't like is the narrow seat and the fact that the passenger portion of the seat is slightly raised, and he is constantly sliding from the seat towards me (slippery). From an ergonomic point of view, the bike is comfortable, just the usual seat annoyance - the driver is tired during long trips (it can be solved by replacing it in any workshop, it is not expensive). The suitcase is roomy - a full-face helmet, or multiple packages, fits perfectly. There are also two convenient shelves under the handlebars and hooks, making it a great convenience for shopping trips.

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    Top Speed ​​Honda Click
    On the island, it easily picks up speeds of 80 km / h, not to try again, on the island you will not be very fast. Sometimes you go and don't even notice that the speed is 70-80.

    A friend drove it to Denpasar from Ubud. I accelerated in Clique with a maximum speed of 110 - 115 km / h, but drove at an average speed of 90 km / h. The engine is already an injection machine, the traction is very good even on inclines. Acceleration up to 90-100 km / h is very fast, after 100 km / h it slows down a bit. The maximum speed with the passengers in it is the same as promised - 120 km / h, but it no longer accelerates (there seems to be a limit). Due to the short wheelbase and small wheels after 100, the bicycle can no longer be controlled, vibrations appear, so the actual comfortable speed is 80-90 km / h. A completely dry tank contains 5.2 liters of fuel, which is enough for at least 250-300 km. During the year of use, there was no breakdown, only oil changes and minor maintenance. The bike is easy to control, its short wheelbase and small dimensions make it easy to maneuver in traffic jams and in mountains.

    Driving performance
    He perfectly absorbs the bumps, we can say that you hardly feel them on the road. the center of gravity (COG) is high above it. That's why people often fall on it when there is sand or a beginner is driving. For example, on the Honda Scoopi, the center of gravity is at the bottom, and you don't notice the sand under the wheels above it, but in Honda Click you can feel the sand really well and you have to be careful. Most got used to it quickly and no one thought of this small thing.

    Consumption of gasoline for Honda Click
    The engine with the injectors is so good that it produces 11 l / s and the fuel consumption of Click is only 1 liter per 50 kilometers. 5.5 liter petrol tank, sufficient for small trips around Bali. Optimal weight at 112-113 kilograms, depending on the configuration.

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    Honda Click scooter resources.
    It is not yet known, since they were released recently. I have a friend who drives it to Denpasar. I bought it in 2012, and the mileage is more than 100,000 km. Naturally, there are minor repairs and constant maintenance. He still drives it and won't buy a new one.

    So, if you don't own a car and need an economical and cheap means of transportation, then you need one! (If it weren't for my wife, then I would have bought it)

    And what else is needed, an automatic transmission, a trunk compartment under the 18 liter seat, into which a motorcycle helmet can easily fit. There is one more advantage in this scooter, this is the distance between the seat and the steering wheel, in this space you can put and move a lot, for example, I carry a table and a suitcase. The place where the legs are located, has a hook on which you can hang a lot of bags from the shop, which is very helpful in everyday life.

    I can say that these scooters are gaining popularity here, especially in resort areas, where they are very actively exploited by people and are actively rented out to tourists. After all, it is cheap, high-quality, reliable, economical and easy to operate.

    advantages Honda Click
    • Fuel Efficient: Vehicles that are mostly sought after by the public are vehicles that consume less fuel, one of which is the Honda Vario 150. Honda Click can save fuel up to 46.9 Kpl.
    • Has Alarm and Keyless Features: The advantages that other vehicles don't have are the alarm and keyless features. The presence of alarm and keyless features makes the vehicle safer from motorcycle theft.
    • Price Balanced with CC Capacity: with the price, the engine capacity is quite high, namely 150 CC. 150 CC engine can increase the performance of a higher quality engine and is very comfortable when driving over long distances.
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    disadvantages Honda Click
    • Seat Quality: The weakness that Honda Click has is the quality of the seats that are not soft. If the quality of the seat is not soft, it will result in less discomfort when driving at long distances.
    • Rear Suspension Quality: kuliatas stiff rear suspension, it can be felt if driving alone on a damaged road.
    • No Power Outlet: The unfortunate thing about this vehicle is that there is no power outlet or HP charger holder.

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