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A Hidden Hidden Gem in Langkawi
Psst Psstt…I am pretty fortunate here to come to one of my favorite hidden places to hang out by the pristine beach, Hidden Restaurant & Bar in Langkawi! The combination of a breezy outdoor seating, an amazing menu of food and drinks, tell me how you could resist!

Situated right along Pantai Tengah with a stylish ground and upper decks with dazzling lights up after sunset, you can enjoy the breathtaking horizontal view from above while sipping on your choice cocktail or mocktail! Spend a lovely evening here, and you wouldn’t want to leave.

This restaurant & bar serves variety of local specialties to international cuisines with a reasonable price too. They serve generous choices from the drink menu from fancy cocktails to mocktails.

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Let’s instantly start with the perfect starter snacks Hidden House Fries with oooey goey cheese and salsa sauce on top! Pair it with a cold beer or juice, perfect match!

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Dayumm! Creamy Carbonara Pasta served with cream, egg yolk and turkey ham. Other choices such as Prawn Oglio Olio and Bolognese is worth a try too!

From local flavor Authentic Sambal Chicken, Two Faced Pizza to excellent Vegetarian choices. Perfectly thin and crispy cheesy pizza with generous toppings, wonderfully crunchy and chewy at the same time.Nothing beats a burger, and they are real deal here. The Hidden Burger! Homemade juicy patty with serving with pineapple, sautéed mushrooms and their secret sauce!

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Artistically custom carved Hidden Fresh Coconut perfect for your insta-feed.
For dessert they have Burnt Cheesecake. Very well, it is intentionally burnt! Who could even resist a Burnt Cheesecake, have to grab a slice! And plenty of homemade ice-cream in different kind of unique flavours

To escape and sit serenely on the beach, that is my paradise. Isn't it everyone's else due to this. social distancing situation, we are not able to reach to the dream destination. What we can do is to plan fo maybe 2021? Hopefully things will shift towards a better change.

Oh, so this a bad place for diet!
Ironically, this is also the best place for taking pictures!
Super insta-worthy! Tiffany blue themed design, bean bags and rattan furniture! Perfect spot for your next Instagram post!

My friends thinks he’s smart. He said onions are the only thing that makes him cry so I threw a coconut at his face! Tee hee..

They maintain a tremendous ambiance and are exceptionally welcoming. The food also has been consistently excellent in many of my visits in the last few years. It accompanies genuine effort in maintaining consistency in the quality and taste of food. So kudos to that. The staff is courteous, efficient and fun. This is so well ingrained in the modern culture of Hidden. You must visit if you are in Langkawi, it is a place I would keep going back to! With the perfect decorations, ambiance, cool music live band, it must be pleasant one of the ultimate beach bars in town! Let’s get some sun tan and enjoying the beautiful sunset right here.