I canít remember the last Korean Drama (also called as K-Drama) that I watched. Itís been a while because of my busy schedule. But in my free time, I enjoy binge watching Netflix but more on US Dramas like the long running medical drama Greyís Anatomy, legal drama Suits, some local and other Hollywood films, among others. I thought I was passed that stage of swooning over Asian Dramas, including K-Dramas. But this K-Drama ďCrash Landing On YouĒ is making quite a buzz. The reviews in Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and even suggestions from my friends and colleagues got me curious. So, I tried to peek on the first episode, then it kept me going to the next episode, until I found myself hooked.

Crash Landing On You is directed by Lee Jeong-hyo, starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin. It tells the story of how a South Korean heiress (Yoon Se-ri) while paragliding, accidentally crash lands into the North Korean territory where she meets a North Korean military officer (Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok). Their love story is about to unfold in their quest on how Yoon Se-ri will find her way back to South Korea, without putting themselves and their friends in danger.

So, what got me hooked with Crash Landing On You?

First, is the plot. Never in my imagination that an incorporation of politics can be beautifully done in a love story, a romantic comedy at that. As a Political Science major, my interest is tickled by how the differences between North Korea and South Korea can be a major hindrance between two people who fell in love with each other. Imagine being in a relationship where the rules and the government are the deterrents. You canít be together because your governments wonít allow it. You can be one meter apart but your countriesí border stand in the way. How surreal is that? Itís like a story of forbidden love, but with a unique narration.
This also prompted me to be more interested about the how the differences of North and South Korea were deeply imbibe in their history, culture and life in general.

Second, are all the feelings that this series will give you. From romance to comedy to drama, you will get it here. I canít remember how many times I laughed and cried in the entire duration of the series. The budding romance between Captain Ri and Se-ri will make you believe that despite the many differences, true love can blossom between two people. It also showed how two people who truly loves each other will cross all odds and boundaries, figuratively and literally, just to fight for their love. The chemistry between the characters of the lead stars is so powerful that you canít help but be swooned in every scene. I also appreciated the depiction of the genuine friendship and camaraderie as portrayed by the four soldiers of Captain Ri, the wiretapper and the ladies (ahjummas) in the village. It showed how loyalty of true friends can go a long way in life. And how each one of us is important to have such loyal friends because the loyal ones will always protect and support you amidst all circumstances.

Third, is the portrayal of each character. Every character has something to tell. I loved the wit, charm and glam of Yoon Se-ri; the clandestine, decency and gentle manhood of Captain Ri; the humor and loyalty of four soldiers in Captain Riís squad: Pyo Chi-su as Se-riís funny nemesis, Park Kwang-beom as the resident heartthrob of North Korea, Kim Ju-Meok as the ultimate K-Drama fan, and Geum Eun-dong as the sweet youngster of the group; the unexpected and equally sweet love story of the second lead love team of Seong-Jun and Seo Dan; and the quirky and nosy lady neighbors of North Korea.

Fourth, is the notable shooting locations. There is no denying that South Korea is a travel worthy country but how they merged another picturesque location, Switzerland, which played an important role in the love storyís plot, is really something else. It will make you want to pack your bags and book a flight to Switzerland right away. According to an article in rappler.com, the shooting locations include Jeju, Incheon, Busan, Chungju, Pocheon, and Taean (Captain Riís small village), and part of Mongolia in lieu for North Korea. They basically featured three countries in one film.

Fifth, is the movieís sense of fashion. Since, Se-riís character is a South Korean heiress that is also a successful independent wealthy businesswoman who runs her own successful fashion and beauty company called Se-riís Choice, at the start of the movie, you will be impressed by Se-riís outfits and great fashion sense. The same goes for Seo Danís (second female lead) classic taste in fashion. Even the male leads, Captain Riís good-looking stance in his outfits when he was in South Korea and Seong-Junís gorgeous style.

Sixth, is the life lessons. For one it will teach the value of trustworthy friends. As previously mentioned, with all these lifeís challenges having loyal and trustworthy friends is a relief. It is even more exciting if they are funny and adorable too. Another is the importance of contentment. The depiction of the village life in the movie tells us that functionality is more important than luxury. This also tells us that luxury is meaningless to people who value the life of simple living. The series also made me realize that fame and money means nothing if you have unsettled issued with your family (as depicted by Se-riís family).

Crash Landing On You has in it elements of a good romantic comedy such as a handsome leading man, a beautiful leading lady, a skillfully made plot, a solid supporting casts and to watch for second love story. If youíre looking for a series that offers something new, fun, light and interesting, then Crash Landing On You is for you. It will keep your mind off everything that is happening in the world and in your life. Watching Crash Landing On You can be your perfect temporary escape. Crash Landing On You remained faithful to how most K-Drama are: positive and enticing, conflicts that are easily resolved, plot that isnít too complicated, and the drama that is not that heavy.