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Whether you are new visitor or returning to Langkawi, Arock Coral Reefs is the new discovery staycation to go. It is situated in Kuah town of Langkawi surrounded with lush of nature, and a serene beach nearby for a stroll.

The concept design and structure are inspired by Maldives theme; therefore, you donít need to spend long hours to fly anymore! Just take an hour flight here from Kuala Lumpur, and bam there you go, a modest sumptuous resort embraces simplicity along with high standard of service.

With 72 rooms in total, two floors, the design is drawn a blurred line between indoor and outdoor. First of all no fret, all the rooms offers complete privacy once u pull the curtains! There are 4 different kinds of room from Pool Attached, Pool View, Pool Connect and Nature View.

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Take a peek from inside of the cozy Pool Attached room! It does give a feeling of absolute comfort. You can just jump right in the pool once u step out of the room, how convenient!
For someone who prefer a quieter ambiance, can opt for Nature View rooms! The only downside is the room is suitable for couple getaway. There are no televisions in the room however, which I think it is great for a beach holiday! Who watch TV nowadays?

Their signature pool- Pool of Stars shining beautifully at night! Take a swim here and it is open from daytime til 12am midnight daily! Ready for a night dip? Sometimes the resorts organized pool party which you can enjoy and have fun.

The view during a bright sunny day! Grab a bottle of beer, flip up your favorite authorís printed work, and sunbathing all day long on the floating net above Pool of Stars! And who knows you might even get visit from some wildlife buddies from time to time. Guests have witnessed sightings of monkeys and wildbirds.

Be a star in the Pool of Stars! Breakfast by the pool, serving classic local dishes buffet and international cuisine daily in the cafeteria! Surprise for the eyes and taste buds is guaranteed.

This resort is the ideal place for couples! Catered for special requests available like Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings and so on, just let them know in advance and they will specially arrange for you!

There are no watersports activities nearby but they do provide transportation to other beaches and attractions upon request! Just let them know where you want to head to.
The location wise is in town but it is located in a more tranquil area! Perfectly made to remain hidden. Yet it is 10 minutes distance from restaurants, jetty and mall.

Overall, this little Maldives resort is an amazing spot to spend a short getaway in a fraction of price. I heard they are going to build another theme project coming up.