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    Thread: Insurance Agents : Should you be One?

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      Question Insurance Agents : Should you be One?

      "Should I Be an Insurance Agent?"
      - If you are reading this, then I bet that you have asked this question. Because of this, I am here to help you in making decisions that could help you decide what you would do in the future!

      Insurance is something that everyone seems to need. It can surely benefit any person as it could be used to address crtical illnesses, businesses, property and life itself. Because of this, insurance companies continuously thrive and survive in the industry. But have you ever thought of becoming an insurance agent?

      If you are planning to sell insurance in any form (whether it is a non-life or life insurance), I believe that you should at leas understand what you are going to be doing once you are in the industry as sales is definitely not for everyone.

      Here's a List of Checklists that you could use to check if you should join the wonderful Insurance Industry! I hope that it helps whoever is reading this.

      Name: Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.21.20 PM.png Views: 13 Size: 34.9 KB

      Personal Character
      - Check if you have these personality traits and characteristics :

      1. Patience
      - Before starting your journey in the insurance industry, be aware that you would be selling a lot of products. Insurance is not just a one time product, but something that you should constantly learn. If you have the patience and time to attend meetings and lectures on how insurance products are computed and how they work, then you have passed the first step!

      2. Consistency
      - Many people try new things and honestly, there is nothing bad about it. It is definitely fun to try things out and you may be considering sales as a life path, but one trait that you should develop is consistency as you would have multiple schedules to follow. Although most people think that insurance agents and sales managers have things easy as they only "sell stuff", it is not actually as easy as it seems as daily or weekly trainings on terms, products, and government imposed changes would sometimes take hours to learn. (In addition, it never really ends!)

      3. Love for Learning
      - If you are the type of person who loves to learn, then the career of an insurance sales agent may be for you! Insurance agents need to continuously learn about people and what they need so that they could craft products to sell. They need to love learning about people and business so that they could thrive in the industry. If you are not someone teachable, I do not advise this job for you. If you love helping others and pitching new ideas though, then go for the insurance agent job!

      Name: Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.22.33 PM.png Views: 13 Size: 64.0 KB

      Skill Analysis
      - Check if you have these skills before starting :

      1. Communication Skills
      - With the word "sales" attached in the definition of an "agent", I bellieve that anyone would have noticed or at least had an idea that selling requires communication skills. People who want to join the insurance agent force should have the willingness to constantly improve their sales skills and talk to people everyday. Extroverts would most likely thrive in this field. If you are an introvert, you can also learn how to sell or communicate after a few trainings, live practices, and motivational books!

      2. Math Skills
      - If you hate math and computations with a passion, the insurance agent job is definitely not for you, but if you have at least a little love for it, you will survive. Insurance agents deal with their clients' money. They financially advice them in budgeting their money and their risks. Because of this, an agent should present numbers and values that would benefit their clients to help them understand the products that they are buying.
      - In addition, you also need to be able to compute your commissions so math skills are definitely needed for this job.

      3. Documentation Skills
      - Remember, selling insurance products come with documents as you would be handling contracts that are considered assets to whoever your client would be. As an insurance agent, you would be the middle person handling the deal between a client and a company. With this in mind, you must be willing to learn how to underwrite in the field and take care of the data given to you.

      Name: Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.22.42 PM.png Views: 13 Size: 120.8 KB

      After reading all this, I believe that you are considering your current status and comparing it to whatever you are reading right now. But if you do not like the results, I believe that you should gather more information and ask the insurance agents you know about how they have been tackling their industry or at least ask them what they do in their daily lives to have more information as to what you would be doing in the future. If you do not have the skills and characteristics above, I believe that it could be learned though if you have the perseverance and the willingness to do whatever is written above. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

      What do you think? Did you get a check in all the requirements above?
      - If you did, then congratualtions! You should definitely join the Insurance Agent Industry!

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      In the real sense of it, everyone needs insurance because of the immense benefits that go along with it.It is insurance that helps one in having secured future in case of emergency which could be in terms of retirement,health,accident and so on and so forth.Insurance in the real sense when it is viewed from the angle of investment it is not profitable and this is a challenge.
      It is a bit difficult to encourage people to buy insurance,it takes a lot of persuasion and this is what happens in every society and for this becoming an insurance agents is a great task.It is a good one but one should be the type that is patient,skillful,knowledgeable in terms of the business and have the ability to convince people of the needs for the insurance
      As long as one is convinced that is ready for the challenge then it is alright to go ahead and become an agent

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      An insurance agent is an individual who works for an insurance organization and sells the insurance products of this organization. A critical part of working with an insurance agent is that the person sells insurance products of one organization only, and hence is usually not able and not liable to juxtapose prices and attributes of other products on the market. An insurance agent is not the same as insurance broker (or simply brokers) who are usually able to juxtapose products from different insurance companies. Usually, an insurance agent is paid by the insurance organization, and the person can also be paid commission or bonus based on how much products are sold. Most times, an agent will be interested in selling more products from the same organization. There are other agents called independent agents who work with different insurance companies that sells related products.

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