My children love traveling so much. I started introducing them to the world of travels when they were at the age of seven years of old (the other one, at age five) during the time we hopped on a plane from Nevada, USA to Tokyo, Japan. They saw a lot of places and of course, the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.

Since then, they have kept all the souvenirs we bought in their first travel abroad and until at this very day, our family travels regularly. My kids have been to seven places outside the U.S. and I must say, itís a heart-warming experience. I am Kirk Boden, a 41-year-old diplomat from Reno, Nevada, married and with two kids, and this is my review on the things our little ones use for traveling.

For todayís post, Iím going to share with you my personal review for American Tourister Disney Mickey Mouse Softside Spinner 28Ē. In this Kids carry on rolling luggage Review, youíll know about which features of this travel bag are great, which ones need improvement, and the final verdict if you should buy it for your little ones.

The importance of kidsí travel bags

When you are traveling either domestically or internationally with children, you cannot always expect to control each of their movements and determine where they would go, or where their eyes would linger. As much as your eyes moving around are in different perspectives, the eyes of your children are also free to go around, and look at things that they want to save as their experiences.

One of the most exciting parts about traveling is packing the things that youíre going to bring. Commonly, parents would usually keep their childrenís clothing, toiletries, gadgets, books, and other stuff within the same huge luggage that you bring. You carry this along with you through the airport grounds, check this in, and leave your kids simply with a small backpack they carry with a towel and some toys inside.

I myself have fallen victim to this habit during the first moments I took my kids abroad. However, I realized how much experience I am taking away from them when I do not buy them their own personal luggage. Isnít it amazing to see your kids pull their own specialized luggage around the airport, learn how to pack their stuff by themselves, and have them learn about the process of checking in their bags at the airport by themselves? I place my bets, your children will be traveling more frequently when they get older, and teaching them these stuff in the earliest time possible is highly recommended. This is what my Kids carry on rolling luggage Review is about.

All about the product

My two children, Wyn and JB, love their all-new American Tourister Softside Spinner luggage that they bring with them whenever we plan family trips. Wyn got her Minnie Mouse-inspired design while JB got, what else could it be, the Mickey Mouse-inspired bag.

This American Tourister Disney Softside Spinner 28Ē is made with 100% polyester and durable polyester fabric, with spinner wheels and retractable handle. The wheel system consists of four wheels and is already multidirectional, allowing for 360-degree upright rolling in various directions so you can simply roll it lightly over without having to strain your arms. Itís designed for also for long walks across distances.

Its retractable handle provides easy movement when expanded out from the suitcase and exhibits high organization even when stored and not in use. You can also ensure secured traveling with the cross straps to prevent materials and stuff inside from shifting or breaking -- in case you have fragile souvenirs -- which may cause damage. We bought it from Amazon and got it without the shipping fees. I believe it is also available in-store at American Tourister.

Pros and cons

Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. I would say early on that we can still find better carry-on rolling luggage for our kids and this Disney-inspired travel suitcase may not be the perfect one out there. Having said this, I also have something to share with you so you are guided along the way. Letís begin with the pros.


Awesome design that makes me and my children easily identify them from a distance
It is lightweight and easy to bring around
Amazing strap system that secures all the stuff in a neat manner
There are two separate compartments which provide more organization when preparing the things for traveling
Available designs for your boys and girls
Available online


Too huge, may not be the ideal luggage for overnight trips, 3D/2N, and the likes
Not too durable enough especially around kids who might not carry them around carefully (I noticed some scratches and the need to clean the wheels to have smooth movement)

Further discussion

Despite the cons that are presented above, I am still hands down to this luggage, considering that it is an American Tourister product that tied up with Disney for the rights and trademark. It is beautifully designed and very suitable for children. However, it may not be the desirable luggage for all kinds of traveling. It is best when you are traveling maybe for five days to a specific destination, but for overnight trips, you might want to find another bag. Though it can provide much space that may be allotted for the things or souvenirs that you buy in the city where you are in.

There are several airlines that have officials who may reluctantly just dump off the luggage that is checked in their compartment, and when you get them back, youíll find some bruises and scratches on the luggage. Much worse, a broken piece of equipment inside that you are supposed to give as gift to someone.

I have learned my lesson when I had my children check in this luggage during one of our trips to Arizona. I wonder what happened during the time of our flight, but when they were returned to us, we found a small hole right along the bottom hemline and fortunately, we had it replaced at the store since we are backed with a warranty. Since then, we took more care and always have had it carried alongside our flight, instead of checking them to the airline check-in luggage feature.

The verdict

8.0 out of 10 stars