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    Thread: Highly Recommended Games to Play while Quarantined

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      Post Highly Recommended Games to Play while Quarantined

      Are you tired of doing nothing and not having some good times with your friends because of sudden lockdown? Well actually, it is normal to feel bored these days since you are having a lot of breaks especially in your academics. I am here to help you survive boredom and make this quarantined season be still enjoyable with your friends and family.
      If you are a gamer, you could totally enjoy my recommended video games. We all know that there are a lot of types of gamers. Some gamers like to play games to their preferred categories like action, adventures or even puzzles so they could exercise their minds and improved strategies. Some others are very competitive which makes them more addicted to play.
      During this quarantine, Iíve realized a lot of things, discovered something Iím good at, do things I donít usually do. Being a gamer helps me improved my mental health since this quarantine life makes me really sick. Through this article I hope I was able to help you find some interesting video games for you to enjoy too.
      Hereís the list of the video games I have played and enjoyed so far:

      ē Assassin's Creed Odyssey

      For me, this video game has the best graphics I have encountered. I've been playing games when I was as young as 6 years old and I've had my experiences with what would be considered a 'good' graphic environment. At times like these, competitions are fierce and any video game would be making off with that Game of The Year mark in the 2000s with graphics like these. AC Odyssey however... with its crystalline beaches, metallic polished rocks, and superb lighting would make ANY gamer consider trying it. The game is absolutely gorgeous no CGI trailer needed.

      Assassin's Creed Odyssey has also a very good storyline. In this game we are given two options for characters; Kassandra and Alexios. I'm knocking down points because I find that the gap between those choices are too noticeable (For example, some scenes would defy logic by making this particular cutscene gendered and it would be too distasteful to be forgetable). Despite these however, AC Odyssey is a refreshing plot about family and adventure, something that the AC games have not done at all ever due to their focus on the 'dark and brooding' storyline archetype. The plot is well managed and leaves gamers with feelings of accomplishment after every challenge is finished.

      ē Dota 2

      This video game is really amazing and addictive. It enables you to develop your techniques and makes you more competitive. You get to experiment different play styles when you play according to your selected hero. This game will help in boosting your strategy skills whenever you play this game. It's all about teamwork, when you have that kind of harmony in your teammates, the game will flow accordingly to your plan, achieving victory effortlessly. It is easy to learn playing this game even when you are new to this, as there is ready made guide for you to follow (e.g. skills to prioritize when leveling up, items that suits your selected hero and more...). But on the other side, there are some toxic players in the dota community, like throwing the game whenever they are not given their desired role in the game especially if one needs to adjust accordingly with the situation. This means they are throwing the game, giving free kills to the enemy which in turn gives you an automatic lose because of that kind of toxic teammate. Smurfs, these kind of players are the ones who are already experienced such that by creating a new account in order to play with low ranks just to climb up to the high bracket rank easily, and then sell it to account buyers which results to inaccurate play style in different rank brackets in the dota community.

      ē Bloodborne

      Bloodborne is not for everyone; it is difficult. This game was developed by From Software which eventually published for Play Station 4 by the help of Sony Computer Entertainment. Bloodborne is a masterpiece with gothic architecture, odd storyline and horrifying creatures. Maybe this is the best video game ever to me. The genre, the design, play mechanics, depth and storyline are totally unmatched! If you will explore this game, itís storyline is really dark because it has a strong symbolism and almost poetic.

      In this game, everything can, wants, and will kill you. There is no false idea of safety in this game, that's what makes the game grueling. Of all the things people find difficult in this game, the number one perpetrator would be the bosses. Video game bosses are intended to test the player's skills and in Bloodborne, bosses require a ton of skill to defeat - this includes regular enemies. This is what makes the game challenging. As an avid fan of the game who happens to have earned a platinum trophy and over 600 hours of gameplay experience, I do say that I'm capable of ranking these bosses.

      ē The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a well-known game and has a lot of fans. This is already considered as one of the greatest games of all time since it won already in numerous gaming awards.

      Iím already done playing this game and I think it might be the best written game Iíve ever played. I donít mean the dialogue (which is good!) but the personality and humanity behind every quest and storyline makes it feel like a world filled with people not characters. Every little side quest has a proper story- meaning you want to do EVERYTHING. This is a massive game and I finished it and then literally straight away started playing it again.

      This is a highly recommended game for you if you want a lot of adventures since it contains a lot of quests and Iím sure youíll never run out of thing to do.

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