Many of us in this time of Pandemic are more focus on problems that take severe damage on how we look or even conceived things and how we think, because of the fear of the unknown, anxiety, uncertainty towards our phenomenological state.
In this time of uncertainty there are a lot of questions that keeps bugging from the outside world that none of us could ever answer such as these inquiries:

How will I be able to eat 3x a day?

How will I pay the electricity, water, and internet bills?

Where will I be able to get money, if I dont have work?

How will the government responds on the needs of the nation?

How will my life look life, if we only stay at home?

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How will I be able to set my goals, if Im home?

How will I grow in my career and professional life, if my thoughts are affected by this kind of crisis?

Isnt it hard to answer all of our questions in life, because of some factors that are affecting our thoughts and also our emotions because of this catastrophe in modern times?

Well, I wrote this sensitive topic as a way to express my thoughts towards the situations and people should be aware of the disaster that we are living in. Before I start my topic, I would like to borrow some of the etymology of these words:

The first one is on Politics:
According to Cambridge Dictionary, it is an activity of the government, members and law making organizations, on people who try to influence the way a country is governed.

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The Second one is on Economy:
According to Cambridge Economy, It is a system of trade and industry by which the wealth of a country is made and used.

The Third one is on Mental Health:
According to Cambridge Dictionary, it is a condition of someones mind and whether or not they are suffering from any mental health.

I stated the etymology of these words in order for you to be able to grasp more of what Im going to write about.

On this catastrophic times , politics has timely been talk about and is pertinent to our global and social media accounts that people comment and directly criticize the works of an official or even a leader in a said country but on the other hand the government could only set guidelines, rules and actions on how to respond to the needs of the citizens living in a state/ country and that we should consciously bear in mind that politics place a bigger role towards the efficiency of global rewards that benefit the bigger area of a country especially in health care services, finances of government, labor and education peruse and also the politician should be seriously taking care of the peoples welfare rather than themselves.

I would like to borrow some of the idea of Mr. Elomar Rezende a 1st year medical student on economy and Mental Health:

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He stated that Responding to this crisis requires global organizations and business community which is at the center of the world economic forum mission as the international organization for public private cooperation. this forum has created the Covid action Platform, A global Platform to convene the business community for collective action, protect people livelihood and facilitate business continuity and utilized support for the covid-19 response.

The Platform is created with the support of world health organizations and is open to all business and industry groups as well as other stakeholders aiming to integrate and inform joint action.

In this Pandemic were in our global economy was greatly affected by this deadly and cruel disease that had been the main problem of the government especially in collecting funds were in many countries are dependent on the consistent traders that are in and out of the country because it add to the gross national product and gross national income, as well with tourism, labor whether locally and globally working and education, were in they fear that this year no students could be able to finish their studies due to the low income from their parents, minimum wage income earners family, unemployed that factors out the slowing of economic growth and also as well with how the business that are also thriving due to less buyers especially those who are in the food , clothing sector and even medicine because all of the needs of the people are suddenly dried up because of this catastrophe, its so existent that the idea of Elomar Rezende expressed the global problems that is related to the rights and freedom of every individual to be knowledgeable and being financial literate in order to avoid unstable life and he believed that empowering every individual could build a stronger nation that could possibly take and effect of a successful trading and market system of the country.

And Lastly on the Mental Health awareness were in people or an individual are afraid to speak and even share there testimonies about how they cope up the stress, anxiety, and doubt and as if they could no longer go back to what they are doing in the past and they felt that if they share this things or connect with other people whether is known to them or not they will feel that they are weak and vulnerable and judgement of others or if speak of mental illness people may say that we are psycho-paths or psychological ill, but on the other hand while this individuals wanted to open up they feel that this quarantine they feel that it isnt necessary, but I want to encourage those people who are suffering and having a lot of anxiety and stress is just open up so to calm the and relax your mind, heart and soul and in that way it will be a big help to release tension that is inside of your body and by doing that Ive come to my own perception since we are at home and doing nothing we should give time to our family talk to them, engaged with them by cleaning the house, washing the dishes, washing of clothes, cleaning your or taking your dog a bath, reading a book , meditate on what you want to vibe and also you have to set aside negative thoughts in order to set a good daily routine that could help boost your condition while at home and to take consideration and to deepen healthy thoughts that are helpful to the human soul.