On the First Quarter of the year the finances of Thailand had been in a good state due to equip sustainable returns from tourism, infrastructure, agriculture, labor and traders that made the country better than the other countries.

But On the Second Quarter of this year Thailand bugged down on agriculture, labor, industrial and corporate business, traders, that are consistently helping the finances of the country, health, labor, the increase of unemployment, and lastly the educational sector that had greatly affected the countries financial stability.

Thailand was known on having good governmental tactics and known for its majestic castle and beautiful ambiance and is known as a Buddhist religion and center for excellence when it comes to resiliency and friendliness with European countries as well with southeast Asian countries and also in making allies with other country to promote strong and realistic economical state.

But on the other hand the thai people correspond with fear, anxiety, and depression due to the virus and a lot had been adapting the idea of complete panic buying of food, clothing, shelter, medicine, medical needs of an individual and also his/her families medical condition as well with the rent-to-own residential property and as to how they will pay their electricity, water and internet bills which is badly needed for daily living or usability and also for those fortunate who have kept their work while on a quarantine.

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On this Chaotic situation that Thailand has been facing tragic fall of baht and financial dealing with foreign traders and investors that made a major defeat on the strategies and mechanical aspects of cash-in-flows in the country. But while on the system of fixing and balancing the said economical danger the Thailand government and as well with people in the area remained calmed and relax after giving guidelines and rules to the thai people.

On the current situation of Thailand, According to what the Deputy Governor Mathee Supaponse on their Money currency which is called “baht” that the currency of Thailand had been rising for almost two weeks prior to the virus and that put Thailand on danger with other country such as America, China, Hongkong, and Beijing which dollar rate had decrease for almost three months now.

I think and on what I have carefully understood on what the Deputy Governor Supaponse would like to point out as to how the government or the kingdom of Thailand to respond on the economic problems that is concerned on finances that should be pulled through even if there are a lot of criticisms and struggle with the engagement of the Thailand with this disease and as to how they will set forth also the vision, principles, and philosophy of the country and as to how to better focus or aim the economy, politics, health and tourism of the country.

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And in addition to that is the increased of gold price partly contributing to the strengthening of baht but the bank of Thailand would want to recreate ideas as to partly monitor the in and out transactions of gold traders in order to prove that the guidelines that was set-forth are in accordance to the governments need as an impact of good and fair exchange rate from other neighboring countries.

On this part that a lot of traders or investors would want to augment the short term economic delays of the country in order for them not to suffer their market and as well Thailand could benefit from them, but the country perhaps prefer fair treatment for every nation and the procure of laws and justice should be essential throughout the land, because they believe that being respectful and obedient to the neighboring countries they will upheld good relations whether local or international countries and as well-disciplined servants of the country that could help the people as well there families to have a better and sustainable life.

And another additional research on that the Bank of Thailand does not want investors to use their currency for business in parting short term funds as it will affect the economic bugged down of the country and that they believe in practical socio-economic measures and guarding fragile economy will save the country as well with relations and appreciation of other countries.

In this case, the Bank of Thailand would want to direct fair treatment in terms of traders from outside forces that could help aid the different departments of the country by balancing and having flexible concerns that are not focus on being negatively factual constructive ideas as well with the conceive thoughts that doesn’t help the country in terms of curing financial instability and that we should aim on the government cognitive, creative, self-sacrificing services that could help all the department of the kingdom of Thailand as well the people who are employed and unemployed as well with fresh graduates and as well with educating people and families with their finances, in order to procure the differences of rating when it comes to money and as well to the recovering body that could help Thailand’s problems in terms of socio-political and economic aspects.

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Another addition of my research and understanding that the currency of Thailand rose to 31.81 than the dollar rate of America that is closely strengthening to index of 31.83. And other hand the government of Thailand had been expected to move between 31.70 up to 31.90 this week. Market Strategist Jitipol Puksamantana said the decrease in dollar confidence would be a main problem, if market this week views euro dollar had been weaken even more.

The good part on Thailand is that it gave them a visual appreciation on the economy of as to how they will be successful and put out the utilization of their currency to respond to the pandemic and to take part of taking care all the parts and departments of the Thailand strong, motivated,inspired and a proof of a healthy economical state that could procure problems in the future.