Often, We as Humans are curious in terms of the differences between cultural norms, beliefs, custom and superstitious belief that falters through negotiable and pre-existing modernization of rationalize ideas. In this Article, I have set out the history and were the etymology of the word white power came from and how can this be problematic and chaotic in terms of the economy of America.
I have put some of my ideas and research about White people and its foundational aspects to control over people in terms of educational attainment and finances.

Who originated the ok symbol as White Power?

According to Anti-Deflamation League, It started across the internet by intentionally tricking an unknown argument in the cultural and impinging strike against another that had a wide scope in terms of a liable motive that would affect the notion of trolling out someone by linking to the deceit of white supremacist discourse on wide available of system such as Computer, Laptop, Cellphone, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that is used by the public.

The Alright Imposture were in fact just one in a series of pre-valent tricking in order to cater the other viewers on producing harmless article, that is arbitrary to conventional motions of formality that is not genuine quality to ascribed white supremacists that is logically to prudently distribute intentionally untrue and misleading information.

History of White Power

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On the 17th Century Great Britain has most common understanding in community signals that consent approval or well- being.
Since the start of early 1800s the gesture increasingly because associated with the word okay and its abbreviation ok the gesture is also important in the hindu and Buddhist worlds , As well as in yoga, where it is known as Mudra or Vitarka Mudra, A Symbol on inner perfection.

The okay hand gesture also forms part of the basis for a number of words or concepts in American sign language as it appears in many other contents as well use of the okay symbol in most contexts is entirely harmless. But in the year 2017, the okay hand symbol acquired a new and different significance thanks to the tricking members of the website who falsely promote hand gesture into a hate symbol.

Claiming that the gesture represented the letters WP for white power. The okay gesture tricking was the latest in the succession of published issues that are used in an indefinite but great number of an authoritative summary that counteract on the counterpart of reprehensible, deviant, evil and without reservation to the relation of White Supremacist.

What is the meaning of White Power?
According to Anti-Deflamation League that the white supremacists believe particularly in California, the use of two handed hand signed in which one hand forms the letter W and on the other hand forms the letter P to represent WP or White Power.

What is the essence of White power in America?

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The Importance of White power is the privilege of white people to hold on in the seat of power and the pre-condition to hold cultural relativity in terms of principles, philosophy and societal norms and has a lot of criticisms and differences In terms of skin color and race that made black people inferior in terms of education, skills, and compensation that made them anxious to hold on to power due to the negative criticisms and doesnt even have the right to speak for themselves such that it became chaotic and exclude from the rights that white people have in their life and that it is prevalent that the black people experience abused, human trafficking, sexual assault and slavery all the deviant acts that white people dont or didnt have experience all throughout because of white power sequence.

How does the Economy be affected by White power?

White Supremacists/ White people are known to be great when it comes to the conditional state of finances that comes with great educational attainment, skilled in work as well with their race and skin color that some of us would look up to them.

But on the other note, we should not be deceived by skin color only because there are some white people that are doing disastrous things to black people and ostracized for being different in terms of educational attainment, skills, work and entitlement to the world were in white people prevails in terms of achieving greater things especially in career, politics, and economical foundations that lies within the heart of understanding and unity of each individual whether differs in color and cultural background that limits the purpose of each culture.
The chaotic and consequential functions of white power have been limiting the ideas and a thought of the other race because of the difference of likes and wants of a person.

The factors affecting the economy of the country is the unstable jobs and unemployment of black people and is also the concentrated opportunities to white people and the degrading factors to the black people in terms on how they could work efficiently and if their characteristics are really that good because on the white power the only thing that they see that is good at doing a lot of things are the white people and they dont consider the good things that black people can offer that sometimes the black people feel inferior and cant do anything about it and anxious to challenge themselves to be much higher than the others and they felt helpless because of crab mentality and that become a problematic dilemma in the conditional state of the black people and the unending attacks of black people was given to the impending discrimination and none understanding to the needs of each races.

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The country has been in an unstable phenomenological state because it only sustains the needs and the condition of white people and that they are the only ones could be put to power and the only could enhance their skills and theres nothing left for the black people.

The country could aid this kind of discrimination, if they will have a clear understanding between the white and black and if the white people are willing to have equality in all of the rights.