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good morning my dear friend as you can see the USD ZAR pair start from the bullish wave and there is a gap when the today's market is start. because of the last Friday in the last few hours of market to the USA dollar is started to increase its value. That is the reason of the app in the market for today. I think today the pair of USD ZAR is more towards the upside because right now it's moving towards the down side and we really see today the value increasing of US Dollar.
good morning to you usm7583. good day and thank you for your update in your journal thread today. hopefully you are in good health and ready for this week Forex Trading. As looking your chart analysis on USD/ZAR. I agree with you that this pair will go bullish today. However i am waiting another 4H candle to be close before deciding my entry to go with buy or sell today. do enter with low lots and tight money management too. this is so that you account can be secure from being getting big losses or even margin call. Do not forget to set your target profit and also put stop loss too. Once your profit is secure do always withdraw it on daily basis into your bank account too. May this week trading giving good profit to you instead of losses. cheers