Most businesses nowadays are now selling online. We all know as Covid-19 started, online shops are everywhere on Facebook. Whats interesting is that people have a lot of businesses from food, make ups, clothes, or even services. What is amazing is that since most businesses nowadays do delivery through Grab, Lalamove or Mr.Speedy and even Angkas. Those are the popular delivery couriers here in the Philippines. In other countries, there are Fedex, DTDC, DHL, UPS, and many more.

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Ever since the pandemic started, people are more into delivery services. They happened to also order food through apps such as Foodpanda. This is available here in the Philippines and even in many other countries. Foodpanda is one of the best apps that I have ever been using, one thing is because of a lot of promos the app offers. I have used a lot of vouchers already especially when Im craving something. Another is that they have a lot of riders that will cater to your order, so you wont have to worry because of waiting. I love how the app is designed for easy access and cheaper offers. I also leave a tip for riders, because we should at least give him or her that way he/she can finish his service as early as possible because of the tip he or she has earned, then they can spend more time with their family. A little knowledge about Foodpanda is that It is a mobile app food delivery that is all over 13 countries. It is based on Berlin, Germany. It was founded on 2012. It is very convenient that in just less than 30 minutes depending on the distance and orders. I usually get mine less than 30 minutes. I usually order one a week. Depending on my cravings. It saves up time and money, If let's say I'm going to buy a milk tea at the mall, It will take me at least 20 minutes to get there, and I will still need to look for a parking. Then I will go to the store and wait in line, when I could actually wait at home for my delivery to come all the way from the food chain. I do appreciate riders for giving their best and serving the public interest, but what I can't handle is there are a lot of people who used to prank riders. It is so common that what they do is they wait for the rider to get to the restaurant and after buying and picking up the food, eventually they will cancel it. The good thing about this is that when riders post on Facebook about how they got into a prank, a lot of citizens are there willing to buy the cancelled items. Food panda offers mainly on food delivery and it is something favorable to the community because It makes it clear what they are offering. What I love about Foodpanda, when it comes to food options, they have a lot of options, even complete ones from a certain restaurants. I also happen to encounter a Foodpanda rider who waited around almost an hour for a drink I ordered. I had to offer him something because of the heat in our country, It will make them feel well if you offer them a glass of water or bottled.

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It is about convenience that made apps like this popular. One important thing is that you have to respect riders, when it comes to the time. Don't ask them to speed up because who knows it could have harm them.