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    Thread: Mobile Phones and their Impact on Human Lives

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      Default Mobile Phones and their Impact on Human Lives

      While the beautiful and useful invention of the modern mobile phone has endowed human life with innumerable conveniences, it has also played an important role in taking us to the heights of moral degradation and apathy and along with photography has created such a storm of selfies. What has happened is that which has blown away the fragments of humanity. We have such a shameful and painful habit or hobby by completely forgetting the beautiful traditions of love, sincerity, and compassion of our forefathers in the hobby of capturing every moment of life in the mobile camera. They fell prey to the death of moral values and traditions,

      Come on! A few years go by when an attempt was made to water a dying man, animal, or bird. Sympathy was extended to the groaner in distress. The frightened were comforted, the sick were comforted, weeping. Was compassionately silenced. While being naked, a person was told to fix his clothes. During sleep, a cloth was put on the one who was naked in ignorance. But good luck with the mobile phone which made our intellect, by depriving humanity and social pride, it also put our conscience to sleep.

      People and Shameless Acts

      Now the situation is quite different, dying, crying, scared, sick, groaning in pain, naked in ignorance. All of us are under the influence of "photography" or "videos" (cameras) and we not only do we make pictures or videos of all of them, but we don't feel ashamed to go viral on the net by writing funny sentences on them. Our conscience is so dead that no one is ready to think whose video or what image is going viral by making friends around him, friends, relatives, neighbors or friends will create an impression in their hearts and minds about it. How will you make fun of him, what kind of voices will go to him and then what will happen to his heart ... Just think! And where is the realization that God willing, we may one day be in their place? As a human, we should take care of the respect and reverence of human beings, but the situation is the other way around. The question arises as to whether this movement is a beast within us or frustration. Out of which we consider ourselves the great winners.

      Youtube Promoting these Videos

      The trend of making images and videos of atrocities and violence against innocent children, women and senior citizens viral on social media are also expanding day by day, creating a channel on "YouTube" and making dollars through it. It is constantly evolving, and videos are being uploaded on these channels that reflect the degradation of human thinking. These videos, which run on social media free from moral constraints, are for the younger generation. Dispersing minds. And its effects can lead to the destruction of future generations.

      Parents with Children

      Above all, housewives are also making their children cry and posting their conversations on the net and what to say about selfies. They make the V sign with crooked face and fingers. Who knows which field they conquer, in whose happiness they mark the "victory" and save it in the camera. The majority of selfie enthusiasts are those who do not even realize when taking their selfies in a public place. In the background of his beautiful face, the "crooked" faces of many unaware strangers are also being saved in his camera. The obsession with making Selfies has also reached its peak, and so many young boys and girls making Selfies have died. But we still have no idea what we are doing and where we are going.

      A Serious Moment to Think

      It is not a matter of wondering where all these immoral movements or fallen mentality came from and spread in our society, but it is a matter of wondering how long this chain of indifference will continue. We will continue to feel temporary happiness by making a spectacle of others. And how long will we be involved in the humiliation and disgrace of humanity? How long will we and our loved ones avoid being hit by the mobile camera...? Let us repent sincerely and give up this spectacle, this joke, and hold fast to our Eastern traditions so that future generations may become acquainted with our beautiful and loving traditions and be a good person for the environment around us. And to be useful citizens for the beloved homeland.

      Suicidal Attempts because of Selfies

      It has seen so many times in the past that because of this selfie and video craze people are trying to engage themselves in a serious situation just to make themselves proud or show these selfies or videos to their friends and social circle that they are so brave or I must say foolish. People have died because of these acts. Some people use to climb a huge tower or building and they are only up to take a selfie for a little number of likes on social media. It has also seen people are doing stunts and making videos which in some cases lost their lives. People drowned while diving into deep water or seas. Youngsters especially are involved in these silly acts.

      The group of friends is always up to something. Good friends are a true blessing of God. Their sincerity always pays off at the end. In a group, a crazy minded friend creates a silly idea by which everyone starts to act and react eventually. They call it a game and if someone is not interested which was really for his good sake but his friends will call him a coward if he isn't participating in the game. So there is advice for youngsters to avoid such activities. Always share these types of things with your family first. I hope this article helps you in the best way. If you think most of you are in these activities, leave them at once.

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      Mobile Phones and their Impact on Human Lives

      Mobile phones have become very common in today's world. If we look at the whole world at once, almost every other person has a mobile phone. The world has been summited because of the mobile phone. We can talk to our friends and family whenever we want, no matter where we are in the world. If we look back a long time, the world was huge. Why weren't mobile phones. But as mobile phones came into the market, we got closer to each other.

      Advantages Mobile phone

      If we look at the mobile phone we have countless benefits. We can talk to each other whenever we want. We have every facility available on mobile phone. We go for a walk somewhere. Can create photos together can create videos. Which is memorable for us. We can use whatsaap and facebook and yothtub on our mobile phone. Everything we needed was a computer. Can on mobile phone.

      Disadvantages mobile phone

      Where mobile phones have many advantages. There are also many disadvantages. Mobile has devastated the younger generation in particular. Playgrounds are deserted. Their wake mobile people do it. Many diseases have started to be born using mobile phones.

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      Mobile Phone is one of the great invention of modern era. It's change the way of communications nowadays. Before inventing mobile phone, most of the time communicating way was hard copy of message or fax. But now mobile phone is one of the main communicating way although there are some others way of communication like email, face to face etc.

      However although mobile phone is very essential and effective for human but it has both advantage and disadvantage.


      1. Communication:- The main use of mobile phone is to communicate each others.
      2. Use as camera:- Day by day increasing its feature and camera is one of the effective of them.
      3. Use as watch:- Clock feature also provided by mobile phone.
      4. Video calling:- Nowadays smart phone is offering video calling by using internet.
      5. Others use:- There are so many games, beauty appears, fashion, home appliance, maps and even many social & cultural event is covering by mobile phone.


      1. Easy access:- Although easy access could provide more people to connect mobile phone but under ages peoples are affecting by easy access of mobile phone.
      2. Time wasting:- At first its invented only for communication but now its killing more time by developing more features.
      3. Addictions:- Specially young generation is fully addicted like drug by mobile phone.

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      Hussnainirshad (06-30-2020)

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      Mobile phone is the modern invention which can be very helpful for us to short the distance and create the relation between different people in the world. It plays a major role in relation to the people and contact with people within the 24 hours. It is the best communication and message text ways to create the contract between the different people without face to face meeting.
      It is has many factors facilities in our daily life it is the good source of earning with online and good source of communication with video calling and audio calling and other matters of life can be solved by the mobile phone.
      There are three factor which are play affecting role on our life by the cell phone Rich addiction and excess use and also suits of time wasting.

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