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    Thread: How To Use Sezzle?

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      Question How To Use Sezzle?

      Sezzle is yet another payment platform that allows you to ďget what you love now and pay in instalments. Using this platform is really very easy, quick and most importantly, secure. Sezzle allows you to split the purchase into for installments by paying only 25% of the total price.

      How does it work?
      Sezzle calculates the payment automatically by splitting it into four. Making you pay for only 25% of the total at the time of the purchase. Also, you wonít have to worry because they will never charge you for interest.

      When it comes to fees, they also give you the liberty of not having to worry about any hidden fees at all. They make money by charging their retailers a processing fee, giving you freedom to pay for only the remaining balance. So theyíre not actually squeezing money out of you. You just have to make sure you make the payments on time, though.

      While you can get approved in just a matter of minutes, you donít have to worry about hurting your credit scores since they donít run hard credit checks. Sizzle has one of the most successful approval rates when it comes to to all pay later platforms. However, Sezzle still peeks at your credit scores as a part of their risk check. But it shouldnít have any impact on your credit. If youíve ever heard of soft credit check, thatís the only one they do. They normally use this information to help approve consumers in verifying identities to help decrease fraud risk.

      Your orders can get shipped to you immediately upon making the 25% payment. You could sign up or create an account on their website in less than a minute and link your credit or debit card, effortlessly. Sezzle is actually working their way for International customers to avail this awesome feature. Currently their only available to USA and Canadian based customers.

      HOW TO USE IT?

      Itís really easy to use Sezzle. Below are some steps on how to use the platform.

      1. Upon check out, youíll be given options on how to pay for your order. Look for the Sezzle button.
      2. Sign up or create an account that will only take in less than a minute and you can get safely approved in an instant.
      3. Complete the order and you will get reminders and notifications before you get charged for the payments. Sezzle will let you feel comfortable and secured.

      Whatís good about Sezzle is that you can always manage your account information by logging in and accessing it through their website or their mobile application. The application is user friendly and easy to understand and navigate. You can either change your preferred payment method and check which payments are about to be processed. If in case you wonít be able to make a payment that is due, you can easily reschedule them twice, the first reschedule is always free. Another thing is that if you want to pay off the remaining 75% early, you can do it freely, without any added charges.

      Sezzle will notify you at checkout about what the payment plan youíve been approved, detailing how much you need to pay upfront and when the other payments are scheduled to go out. As long as youíre 18 (eighteen) years or older (this varies if youíre residing in Alabama) and have a verifiable US mobile phone number and email address, because they send out a one-time password to your phone, all you have to do is make sure your phone is close to you when you do your purchases.

      When do my orders get shipped?

      Orders through Sezzle are considered like a normal order. Itís like fully paying for the item. The order will be delivered to you within standard shipping times, totally dependent on the shipping method you chose for the order.

      Reschedule Payments?

      Now, if youíre unable to make a scheduled Sezzle payment, they will still allow you to reschedule. Each order has one free reschedule and theyíd even let you do it one more time for only $5. They would greatly suggest that you process the rescheduling within forty-eight hours in advance because if that payment is processed, it cannot be altered.

      Failed Payments?

      In the event that a payment fails for any reason, you will receive a notification that it did and a $10 fee will need to be processed. However, if you process a payment for the failed one within forty-eight hours the $10 will be waived off. You have to take note that the forty-eight hours will start at the moment the payment failed. If in case itís not paid off within the forty-eight hours period, you will be charged for the $10 fee and the due date will be rescheduled. However, this will greatly have an impact to your ability to purchase using Sezzle in the future.

      Refunds/Returns Policies

      Sezzle follow their standard return policy just like every other businesses may it be online or not, you can check this out at their website. Once your request for return and and refund is processed, Sezzle will automatically be notified. Once they receive it, you will automatically see the changes they made to your installment plan. Refunds usually shows up within 10 business days, but itís usually sooner than that. Sezzle is faster when it comes to refund and return processing.

      A lot of consumers are using Sezzle because it is easy to use and perfectly safe. Itís been rated 5 stars on a lot of reviews. If youíre thinking about purchasing something for a long time now and your hands are currently tied to your budget, or if youíre worried about hidden charges or huge interests, we suggest you try out Sezzle, where they give you the freedom to have you love while staying in your budget. Whatever platform you may choose in for your business or personal use, make sure to check on them first especiailly the legitimacy and the process to secure your hard earned money.

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      Sezzle is one of the best payment application, i am using sezzle from 2 years, it is user friendly, every one can use this very easily.I love it.

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